Intimidation – The Fear Of People

Breaking free from a. “man fearing” spirit. Learning to live for the Lord because you love Him.

If imagination is the biggest nation in the world today, then intimidation is the second largest. The dictionary defines intimidation as influence or force by fear, verbal or non- verbal, direct or implied. Too many people allow others to control and manipulate them into doing and saying things that they would not normally do. Look at Peter. In a vision the Lord told him not to treat anyone as “unclean” (Act 10). God told him to go to Cornelius’s house and not to worry about what others may say. But in Galatians 2, Pail wrote that Peter was at Antioch, eating and fellowshipping with Gentile believers until people from “church headquarters” came down to see what was going on. When Peter heard they were coming he “separated himself “ from the Gentiles believers. Paul said, in today’s terms, that he “got in his face.” Why? Because Peter had fallen victim to the fear of intimidation.

We all have different opinions and beliefs about many different things. We live our lives according to the moral compass put in us by God called a conscience. The compass points us in the right direction, unless it is influenced by an outside force. The same is true in our lives, no matter how long we’ve been a Christian. There is however a difference in not wanting to offend a “weaker brother “ by not in-gauging in what we would normally do without a problem to our own spirit ie drinking coffee would offered them, so in there presents a changing of who and what we are in our core beliefs to please those who only want to change us to conform to their own convictions. Philippians 2:13 says “work our your own salvation with fear and trembling.” There is only one way to be saved, but once that salvation is come into your life, it’s now your responsible to “work it out.” We all have our own personal convictions. Somethings I’ve done or haven’t done were because of a “man fearing spirit “ or if you will intimidation, intimidation leads to hypocrisy. The living and doing of one thing for certain people, and doing the opposite for others.

God hates hypocrisy! The greater sources of intimidation come from the world and its ungodly system. Such as advertisement making people feel that they will be accepted if they don’t wear this, or eat that, or have this body shape, or drive these cars. Socially they must be in the “in crowd.”

Spiritually the word tells us “Everyone goes to heaven, all religions lead to God which intimidates Christians into not standing up for what it right and for truth. All virtue have been cast off by the world we live in, but one- tolerance. Today if we as believers speak out in the free market place of ideas conserving any issue we are the ones branded as “closed-minded.” We are told that Spiritual matters should stay in the four walks of the church. The world has pushed us in a corner through fear. It’s time to stand up. To stand up for truth, righteousness, and live a life that is free from intimidation. Are you living two lives? One you show on Sunday and the other on Monday through Saturday. Do you feel the need to impress people you don’t like, with money you don’t have? Too many people are bound with a “man-fearing spirit, and it’s time to be set free in Jesus!

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