Counting Your Blessings

More often than not, our sense of what is available to us, and our belief about how much provision we have, is framed around our perspective. We can either focus our attention on what we lack, or offer gratitude for what we still have available to us.

By reminding ourselves of what God has done in our past, we are better positioned to identify with what we have in our present, and how God will always provide us with what we need in the future,

We see this specifically in Numbers 1:1-4, as God instructs the Israelites to take a detailed census if all the people that had escaped out of Egypt. I can imagine how Moses walked around examine every face, counting every head, he would have been overwhelmed by the magnitude of deliverance that God provided to His people.

God wanted Moses to do an audit and inventory of God’s past blessings, and how those blessings we’re literally standing before him.

This census would be important for Moses to remember, as he attempted to transition the Israelites out of a wilderness mindset and into the promised land. God had prepared for them. There were unprecedented challenges, and circumstances that would require unbelievable levels of trust. As Moses scanned the crowd of people, God wanted to encourage Moses, “If I did it before, I can do it again.”

Of course, there were practical implications for lining the people up, as they would have to go to battle. Knowing who is who, and who can do what, would be a great advantage to them.

But there were also spiritual implications for God’s instruction. Rather that Moses and the Israelites crunching the number of obstacles and adversities they were going to have to overcome. God wanted Moses to be counting heads, as He beckoned them to take the ground and territory He had prepared for them.

It is important today that we make conscious efforts to remember God’s past victories and deliverance in our lives. And resolve to keep His faithfulness front and center, while inviting the Holy Spirit to build our faith as we set out on the next challenge and obstacle we may face. By magnifying our provisions, we can mute our problems.

Today, take a moment to do an inventory, audit and census of your life. Count your many blessings; the people in your life, your provision, and all the way God protects you and your family.

Praise the One who blesses you, so that you can go on and be a blessing to others.

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