Preparing For Revival

The Bible makes it clear that if a people consecrate themselves to God, a true renewal will rise among them We read God’s invitation to the people: “Get ready. Consecrate yourselves! Tomorrow, I’ll do marvelous things among you.” If our lives are turned and oriented toward Him, then He will do amazing things not just in our lives, but also in our families, communities, and societies. It is a promise in Joshua 3:1-5: that if we consecrate ourselves to Him then tomorrow He will do extraordinary things.

This is the way that Joshua communicated to the people he was leading. He did this in order to prepare them to cross into Canaan. Joshua’s instruction is important because it clearly outlines our role in the process, and God’s ultimate responsibility to make it happen.

Our part of the equation is to consecrate ourselves before God. This means we are to set ourselves apart, staying away from sin, confessing when we fall, and being clean vessels before God. We are to reorient every aspect of our being towards God, and to be obedient when we hear Him speak.

God’s part is that tomorrow He will do amazing things among us. God initiates interaction with His people, and His people, and He promises to save and rescue the least, the last and the lost. He wants us to depend on His power, and also to work with Him to see that power released on the earth.

As we consecrate ourselves and choose to make ourselves fully available to Him, we can partner with God and be used as agents of change and transformation to those that desperately need it. A.W. Tozer once said, “You are as holy as you want to be.”

What will it look like if we consecrate ourselves before God? When we consecrate ourselves to Christ, society gets consecrate too. Social reform, social transformation, and social justice all begin to flow because that’s what God is like. He puts things right. He makes all things new.

When the church is revived, there is a massive assault on the powers of darkness. A Holy church is an awesome weapon in the hand of God.

We should ask for God’s presence to rest upon us and flow out of us, permeating and changing the culture, so that Christ is glorified as we are consecrated.

Joshua 3:1-5

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