The Hope Of A Mustard Seed

And He said to them…”for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’and it will move ; and nothing will be impossible to you.

Matthew 17:10

A mustard seed is about one to two millimeters in size. Yet, the brush can grow upwards to 20 or 30 feed tall and wide.

The picture the Lord painted for the disciples was one of Hope! Our faith doesn’t need to be outwardly large to have a large impact.

The tiny mustard seed hold the potential of a 30-foot bush! A seemly inconsequential speck of faith can move mountains!

As a mom, my days were filled with lot of small acts that I did with faith. Faith that God entrusted a family to me to nurture, and serve. Yes, someday I didn’t feel any faith. But it was there, Faith that my children would someday be successful, Faith the I was able to get out of bed, even though I felt some days I couldn’t. Faith that growth would happen. Faith that the witness of our family is part of a larger tapestry of testimony to God’s love and grace.

Small acts done with the Hope that mustard seed-planting works will grow into the Lord’s glory.

When I begin to think of mustard-seed planting my mind immediately finds my heart invigorated for the tasks at hand! When I listen to a person in the grocery store line who freely offers her non-mustard-seed thinking advice about what their teen ought to be doing, it’s like someone pulled the plug on their energy. I can almost see the pain in their face.

What Is Faith Of A Mustard Seed?

So often our perspectives are shaped by the glossy cover of a magazine and social media’s highlight reek. We can lose touch with the great gifts small acts can be in our life or someone else’s.

Regardless of where your at in life, your faith matters greatly in this life and eternity. You don’t have to be Billy Graham to be a great witness. You don’t have to be rich to give greatly. A seemingly small act of kindness, or saying a faith-filled prayer for someone, or whatever faith motivated act we take, no smaller how small, can have an eternal and mountain-moving impart on someone else’s life.

Mark 12:41-44 tells of an account where He sat down opposite the treasury and beg an observing how ti people were putting money into the treasury; and many rich people were putting in large sums of coins. A poor widow came and put in two copper coins, which amounted to a cent. Calling His disciples to Him, He said to them, Truly I say to you, this poor widow Put in more than all the contributors to the treasury, but she, out of her poverty, put in all she owned, all she had to live on.

Jesus’s teaching regularly highlighted small acts of great value. From the widow’s mite to the woman washing His feet ( Mark 14: 6-9), small gifts in the gospel are highlighted because they have significant and eternal value.

How To Have Faith Of A Mustard Seed

When we consider our life and our faith, are we using what we have to the fullest or have we decided that it is for someone else with bigger or better faith to do the witnessing, or praying, or the giving? Have we figured that our contribution could never be enough to make a difference, so we hold back? Have we considered that what God has entrusted to us is meant to grow large and wide, like a mustard bush? Do we tend our faith with that sort of expectation?

Our faith is meant to grow and go!

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