Open And Closed Doors

People tend to believe subconsciously that they are faithful and obey God’s commandments their path to heaven is paved. However, this is not what Scripture has promised us. Nothing that is attempted or God will go unchallenged. Satan wants to disrupt and destroy us. Especially when it comes to pursuing opening doors, and dealing with the disappointment of a close one’s.

Revelation 3:7 tells us that God opens doors that I human can close, and when God closes a door, no one can reopen it. Therefore, when we hear ‘no’ or encounter unanswered prayers, what we perceive to be God’s objection to our plea may be in fact be His divine protection covering our request. A closed door does not have to a deep disappointment, it can be a doorway to His divine will unfolding in His way, and according h to His timing.

Even though this does feel good at the moment, and isn’t always easy, we can look at life with a new lens when things don’t go our way.

God has spoken to me, that’s it’s time for me to end a 13 year journey of volunteering. While my heart is heavy, because I’ve met some amazing people along the way. It is God will that I stop. I’m sure God has another journey waiting for me. I don’t know what it will be, but I’m okay with that.

God loves us so much that He wants us to experience His plans and purposes for our lives. Even if it involves shutting some doors we believe He should keep open and opening some doors we ourselves would like to keep open. Sometimes we instinctively pass by open doors because we are too busy trying to keep old doors open.

We must remember that Christ’s divine protection over us will always override our own wants and desires for our life. Our best intentions are pale in comparison to God initiating His will for our lives.

Again and again in the scriptures, God promises not to withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly. We can be blessed when we trust in God’s will and His ways. Always seek God’s will in the waiting and know that His presence is readily available, and His provision is more than enough in every area of our lives.

If God has closed a door for that you would have chosen to keep open, that door may have been a distraction. He wants your devotion and intimacy when you are confused. He welcomes your questioning. He isn’t intimidated by your requests. He only asks that eventuality your demands give way to His sovereignty. We can trust in His ability to act in His way and according to His timing.

Your calling is irrevocable. Whatever door God opens cannot be closed by others. His plans for you will always succeed and His promises will stand firm forever.

Thank God for the doors He is clearly opening and praise Him by faith for the doors He has chosen to shut. God is not getting in your way. God is not trying to make you miserable. God is protecting you and creating a beautiful future for you

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