Do Miracles Like Jesus Performed Still Happen Today?

The answer to this question must begin with acknowledging that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is unchanging.

The word miracle is difficult to define. What exactly counts as a miracle? A better way to recognize a miracle is to make a distinction between the natural and the supernatural. The natural ways Jesus uses to heal us can be found in places like a hospital. But when Jesus heals someone supernaturally, it means that He does something doctor’s, nurses, medicine, and science are unable to do and are unable to explain. Keep in mind that God still gets the credit whether healing is trough medicine or a miracle- that’s why we should never stop praying.

In scripture, miracles are often associated with the words “signs and wonders., A sign is a physical manifestation that points to something greater than itself. In other words, the healing ministry of Jesus recounted in scripture confirms that Jesus Christ is the Som of God and the Savior of the world (Acts 2:22). A miracle never exists only for itself; it always serves a greater purpose. When I was healed of Bladder Cancer 14 years ago, It was done for a greater purpose. God had a plan for my life, He was not done with me. You know it’s a miracle when the supernatural work of God increases your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior,

The word “wonder” can also help us recognize a miracle. Miracles cause us to be amazed, in awe of the power of God. When we witness a supernatural work of God, we are left speechless as we marvel at the glory of God.

There are 4 positions regarding miracles today, they are:


They believe the kinds of miracles we see in the New Testament do not happen today because they were a special manifestation of God’s power that ceased to exist after the generation of the apostle passed away.


They believe all kinds of miracles we see in the New Testament continue to happen in the world today with the same frequency and intensity.


They believe only some New Testament type miracles continue to happen today, and not at the same degree as in the New Testament God is free to work supernaturally today, but the frequency and intensity has diminished in the modern era.


The believe all kinds of miracles seen in the New Testament continue to happen today. Like the semi-cessationists, they believe the frequency and intensity of God’s supernatural work has diminished in the modern era, but Continuationists are much more open to describing events as miraculous, supernatural works of God.

Reflecting on the three aspects of Jesus’s ministry (preaching, teaching, and healing) and the events taking place around the world, now more than ever we need a great outpouring of Christ’s healing ministry.

We desperately need Jesus to heal our world by both natural and supernatural means, As He does so, make He increase our faith and our worship of Him.

I have seen miracles in healing of Cancers, Lung diseases. Depression, and even seen people be healed of addiction. I believe all the miracles in the New Testament are being done today, we are just as too busy and distracted to notice them.

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