Run Towards The Roaring

The roar is supposed to scare the prey into running away. What the prey doesn’t know is it the lionesses have strategically place them selves or attack.

What the prey doesn’t know is that it’s the females lionesses not the males that are actually the hunters. The male lions are inherently too slow and lazy not unlike the human species. While the lion roars and makes the scene to scare the prey away the lionesses are in wait.

Scripture tells us that our enemy Satan Crowell around like a roaring lion, seeking whom it could desire. The reality is if you are a Christian, you are not in danger of being devoured by Satan. He has no claim over your life. Christians are a new creation, and no longer a slave to the curse of sin and death. But what Satan does if he tries to scare you into being devoured by pain and fear. In fact his intention is to steal, kill, and destroy you. He wants to steal your joy, kill your help, and destroy the purposes God has for your life.

What people often do when they encounter a trial, aIt knocked the breath out of us but it had like yours tragedy, or a painful experience is they try to run away from it. Pain is terrifying and messy. It sneaks up on us and can cripple us in an instant. It knocks the breath out of us but it can’t kill us. Most people are fearful of stepping into the pain, and letting your heart feel the full weight of it, but if we work through it and give it over to the Lord. In reality it will make us stronger. No longer feeling exposed and vulnerable. And we can actually come to a place of healing. We as humans car to box up our pain. Our first reaction is running from it, because we don’t want to hurt. But when we try to box it up, it booby fax us and we will feel more ferocity.

Instead of running away from the pain, decide to run toward it. Embrace it deal with it head on. Once you face something fears will reside and the pain goes away. We get stronger instead of weaker.

Doing opposite of what you feel like doing give you strength. Initially when you run towards the roar it’s excruciating, but eventually it’s healing.

Life has a funny way of getting us to deal with trials and tribulations. We must run around the mountain many times as we have to until we get it right. We can’t selectively numb our heart that feels pain and still be attuned be attuned to pleasure. We either numb it all and don’t feel anything at all, or feel the pain and feel the pleasure.

I have this nasty habit of either all at once, or nothing at all. I can choose either to feel all the pain and feel pleasures too, or numb the pain and numb the pleasures too. In order to feel the joy of dancing on the other side you must be willing to step into the sting of mourning.

So run towards the roar and start healing. You won’t regret it.

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