The Prophet Word For Year 5783

On God’s calendar starting today (September 26-2022) it is the years 5783. It’s a Sabbatical year.Some say it’s a Jubilee year, but that it only sanctified when “all who live in Israel are living there.”

This year suddenly we will see it, suddenly the vengeance of God will spring forth on our behalf. The word whiplashed came to mind. A large turning of heads.

The lower we can humble ourselves this year the higher the Lord will lift us up.

We should guard against “Presumption.” Remembering that faith is not faith if it doesn’t demonstrate wisdom.

The Prophetic Words For 5783

1. The latter rain outpouring begins not with the worldwide outpouring of. God’s Spirit but with financial provision.

The definition of Provisions are funds that are set aside for specific probable future expenses or other financial impacts such as losses in value

2. The culmination of seasons with fasting and prayer in which God’s people have engaged throughout the calendar year of 2022.

3. The impossible will become impossible. Suddenly things that were not possible will become suddenly possible.

4. We will see the fury of God move on our behalf. “For the day of vengeance is in my heart. I have looked but there was no one to help. No one to uphold, therefore my own arm will bring salvation for me abs my own fury will be sustain me ( Isaiah 64:3-4). The Lord sees there is not hope before us – our prayers and fasting have risen before Him like a sweet offering. These things have not be done in vain.

5. It will be a year of humbling ourselves, but we need to seek God with a continued favor.

6. God will continue to purify us -seek His wisdom and pursue it.

Wisdom is the principle thing for this year

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