The Cycle Of Forgiveness

From our birth God says that we all matter, that we have an indispensable contribution to make to the world. Our contribution is essential and no problem can impede us from achieving the purpose for which we were created. And God gives us resources to overcome every pain and obstacle, to heal from every hurt or abuse.

The ability to forgive is one of those resources that we have. But it is up to us to use it. I found it interesting that forgiveness in Hebrew is “mechilah,” which connects to the root of the word “mochul,” meaning a circle. Life is meant to be a circle encompassing all our experiences and relationships in one harmonious, seamless, whole. When someone hurts us the circle is broken. Forgiveness is a way to mend that fracture.

Forgiveness means not merely forgiving the person who hurt us, but forgiving ourselves as well, forgiving God even life itself with all it’s bizarre often cruel twists and turns.

Forgiveness is letting go and building the confidence necessary to experience healthy and positive growth. It is declaring that you will no longer remain locked in the past as a victim of circumstances; that you will no longer perpetuate negative life pattern through blame and anger that you will and said access his strength and love that God give you day by day, moment by moment in order to fulfill the unique and singular purpose for which you and only you are created.

Forgiveness requires work. But most importantly, it requires a connection to God -the Giver of life. When you remember that your birth is God’s way of saying you matter, that you are vital and important. Irreplaceable and essential to the perfection of gods world, then you can rise above the pain others have caused you and find the love and strength to forgive them and yourself.

When we forgive, the circle is again complete and you find yourself in compass by the Hogle of God creation and feel yourself to be an intra-goal part. When we forgive, we have taken control of our life rather than being a victim of it.

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