How To Change Your Thought Patterns

Thoughts can move mountains or thoughts can lead to sad and gloomy days.

It’s a fact that if we change our thoughts we can change our lives. Sadly many people just settle from the day in day out doom and gloom of negative thoughts,

It’s quite clear that if you want to improve your life you must bring about change in the way you think in order to create happiness and a sense of fulfillment in your life. A good thing about our brains is that it willingly adopts any changes that we bring about in our thinking patterns.

I wanted to share with you some powerful ways to change your thoughts and transform your life. This is how I went from serious depression to a happy fulfilling life.

1.Change your thoughts by creating positive affirmations.

Affirmations are not always positive. They can be negative as well. The hexes created by the witches are negative affirmations. We can also hex ourselves by sayin negative things to ourselves.

The truth is that most pare given to making negative affirmations. When we say to ourselves “I’m can’t do anything right!, or think we’re not going to success in a particular part of our life, it’s a negative affirmation. Affirmations, both negative and positive impact the neurons functioning of the brain.

Positive affirmations are like mantras. They have a sacred and spiritual force about them. Let’s be clear about creating positive affirmations. They should not be normative or weak.

Thoughts such as “I should,” “I ought to, are normative.

I used to tell myself “I hated myself,” So I began everyday by looking in the mirror and telling myself “I love you.”

Examples of negative affirmations are: “ I can’t do this. It’s too difficult.” Instead of saying this say things like, “I am going to, “I can do this.” “I will,” or “I am going to do this.” Our brains are always adapting to our thought patterns and it directs our organs to act accordingly.

2. Learn to apply full stops

When we keep mulling over misfortunes, or perceived wrongs committed to us by those who we have loved and stood by so sincerely. We never stop cursing ourselves for the mistakes that we think we have committed. What would have happened if I had done this or that? What would happen if I do this or that in the future?

This is not saying that we shouldn’t learn from past mistakes or plan our future intelligently. The only thing is we should stop thinking over and over once we have learned from our past and decide to move forward insyof backward.

3. Let go of the need to be masochist

Quite often we love to wallow in our misery. We enjoy creating self-punishing thoughts or being gloomy and passmistic.

“i will never be happy.”

“i was born unlucky. Nothing ever goes my way.”

“I am cursed to live this way all my life.”

Such thoughts not only hurt the mind, but they adversely affect your physical health as well.

4. Change your thoughts by counting your joys and blessings

Most people take their joys and blessings for granted and start complaining about what they don’t have; or when faced with problems and troubles. Maybe by thinking your situation could have been worse, “I can’t believe I was diagnosed with cancer, but I’m so glad I haven’t died from it.” I can’t believe they screwed up my pay on my check.” but at least I have enough to feed my family until they fix the error.” Begin to see that glass half full instead of have empty.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance. Chaos into order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a bad past into a good future, a house into a home.

5. Appreciate and enjoy what you already have

A great way to change your thoughts is to appreciate and enjoy what you already have. You can aspire to work on a better house, better car, and a better job. But appreciate that you have a house, a car, a job. Enjoy what success you have not what you’re about to achieve. There is nothing wrong with always fixing higher goals, but failure to reach them should not spoil your enjoyment you already have.

6. Change your thoughts by Savoring the joys of your achievements

It is one thing to achieve your goal; it is another to enjoy it after you have achieved it. For example, you marry the person of your dreams, but get bored with them and soon start looking for another one. This is the most common causes of divorce.

“There are two things to aim for in life: first, to get what you want; and after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second.” – Logan Pearsall Smith

7. Stand tall and hold your head high in trying circumstances

We often tend to feel demoralized in adverse conditions. We stop and feel lie as if we are bending under the weight of things. This happens both literally and figuratively. You will, however, surely feel better if you try to lift your spirits and also your head like a person.

8. Allow yourself to be playful and childlike

Children are known for their innocence and simplicity of mind. They soon forget their quarrels with friends and start playing together once again. This is the reason that generally they are always happy and smiling. Translated into the language of adult, we should learn to forget and forgive.

9. Seek happiness and contentment in the present moment

Do not associate happiness with future events. Don’t think or say “I will be happy when things happen this way… It’s like postponing your happiness to an unsure future. The better alternative is to try to postpone your sorrow to some future moment as much as you can. The time to be happy is today because yesterday has already passed and you cannot be sure that tomorrow will bring any happiness.

Proverbs 27:1 says, “ do not be anxious about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself.”

10. Change your thoughts by being a master of your moods

Be a master rather than a servant to your own moods. You are the ruler of the kingdom of your happiness. Do not allow other people or circumstances to make you happy or sad. Do not depend on material possessions to create happiness for you. It is for you to choose to be happy whatever the situation. Do not allow your heart to be broken if a lived one has ditched you. If they can be happy without you so can you.

11. Wake up with a resolve to stay happy all day

Resolve the first thing as you wake up in the morning to remain happy throughout the day. Choose to wake up like Tigger not Eeyore. Spend time looking a the trees and flowers. Listen to the birds. Look for something beautiful each day..

Go out for a walk and remember your resolve is to remain calm as soon as you sense trouble coming. Know that it’s okay to walk away from bad situations,

12. Your body is your temple, honor it

Keep the temple of your body neat, clean and well-ventilated. Do not dump garbage of dirty, negative thoughts and toxic junk food init. It is really difficult to remain happy when you’re sick physically or mentally.

There is a close relationship between the mind and the body. Do exercises regularly according to your needs. Go for a walk, go swimming… whatever exercise you enjoy do it daily,

13. Change your thoughts by meditation daily

Even if it10 minute a day, practice mindfulness. Get your breathing right. And get everything off your mind. No one can be happy thinking about there issues constantly. Enjoy a few minutes of music or look up mindfulness meditation on u-tube.

During meditation, your metabolism and your breathing rate need to go down to a level of rest.

14, Focus on changing yourself instead of changing the world around you

It is impossible to change others or the world around you. So stop getting upset when people do not come up to your expectations. The best course is to change yourself or at,East adjust with the people or situations do not like.

Never underestimate your power to change yourself; never overestimate your power to change others.” – Wayne Dyer

15. Change your thoughts by making the best of what you have

It is always better to make the best of what you have rather than pine for what you think is the best. A perfect state of mind only occurs in Utopia and the world you live in is not that kind of ideal place.

You change your life by changing your thoughts. If your thoughts you think are positive, your life will be positive.

Do you believe that when you change your thoughts you can transform your life? What you believe stands between you and happiness.

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