Don’t Stumble On What’s Behind You

Your past is just a story. Don’t keep reading the same chapter again and again while wishing you could read the next one. If we dwell on the past we tend to stay in the past.

Don’t keep thinking about the past, it’s gone and it’s never coming back. There’s a quote that says “there’s a reason the rear view window is small and the windshield is so large.”

Sometimes we forget how far we’ve come, and get stuck on something or someone that has moved on.

Whether we’re feeling guilt, sadness, anger or hurt, somehow what we have already overcome latches on to our present state of being.

The fact is that if we don’t heal what hurt us, we will bleed on people who didn’t cut us, sometimes we’re so afraid of something bad happening again. We lose trust in everything and everyone we come in contact with. We hurt the people we love the most, because of a past that’s haunting us. It becomes a vicious cycle.

We have to remember that the things that have happened to us are not who we are. Those experiences have to ability to shape who we are good and bad , but don’t rule who we are.

By choosing to heat and move forward we choose to not let the damage of the past control your life.

Have a faith and hope for the future. And realize that healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls your life.

Don’t look back. Your not going that way.

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