The Only Option

Some people think the Bible provides just one of many options to consider. They think we can believe what we want, do the things we like, and ignore guidelines that seem challenging. They want to choose what they concentrate on and pay attention to the things that sound more attractive.

Solomon, in Proverbs reminded us of why it is critical to be serious about learning the Word and living by its principles. He shared his personal experiences, mistakes he had made, and things he wished he had taken more seriously. And he offered his advice to others,particularly his son.

We all have advice for others, but sometimes it comes too little too late. Most of us are to stubborn, and think we know what’s best for us. I know for myself, I regret not knowing God’s Word sooner. It sure would have saved me a lot of pain.

Solomon learned the importance of having a reverent attitude towards God’s Word, not just thinking about His words but obeying them and putting them into practice. I have learned not just to read God’s Word, but treasure them. And realize they are central to life, and also keep His Word close to my heart. They are critically important truths.

Solomon was known for his great wisdom. He urges us to fill our minds with God’s Word by reading it everyday. And apply biblical principles to our lives, to be guided by the truths in the Bible. It is critical for health, success, peace, and direction.

Yes, we have many options, it’s called “God’s Will.” I know I would rather be following God, have Him watching over me and guiding me, than spending one day without His Wisdom and Strength.

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