Discouraged And Disillusioned

Have you ever felt so discouraged and disillusioned by your situation that you become numb to any suggestions for a solution. In an act of defiance you to miss the advice and opinions of others?

If so, look at this account of Peter in the Bible. In Luke 5:1-11 it tells a story of Peter. Peter was exhausted after working all night. Most likely discouraged and deflated, the last thing he would have felt like doing was getting back into the boat and selling into deep waters. He had rendered a verdict – There was no catch to be had, no fish to be found.

Many of us are more like Peter and we care to admit. When we feel uncertain or we don’t understand our purpose or God’s instruction, we question His wisdom, and question our willingness to obey. If something has not worked the first time, why on earth should we repeat it? It’s not uncommon for us to throw a pity party for ourselves, or to spiral to a state I’ve learned helplessness.

Peter was convicted that repeating the input from the night before would not hang out put this I’m around. In fact, he almost questioned Jesus: “ Master, we have a fishing all night and have not caught anything.”

Sometimes God asked us to do the impossible. Something that we might have tried in the past and failed at, we might have lost our confidence in the future. It’s in these moments we have a choice, we can choose to trust and obey, or we can dismiss His command and stay.

How our lives may change if we resolve to never give up and to resolve to God with these words: “ if you say so, I will try again.” Where in your life might you decide to step out and see?

One thing I think that has saved my life many times is telling myself “I will not let Satan win. Satan controlled my life for so many years, Many years of hell. I chose to stand up and never give up, no matter how discouraged I am no matter how tired I am, I always get up and never give up.

It was only when Peter had done what God had asked that the fish were caught. The biggest problem before Jesus showed up with the empty net, after He showed the biggest problem was sinking ships. how many sinking ships do we have in our lives, that are holding us back?

Ask yourself today: what might happen, and how might you react if after a long and fruitless existence? If Jesus asks us try again. Would your weariness win? When your own wisdom about the current methods hold more weight than the response? Or will you try again because the Lord said so.

Our response determines whether we experience a boatload for fruit or whether we remain discouraged on the shore washing our empty nets.

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