Every Action Has Consequences

One thing you can count on in this life is that all roads lead to individual development. No matter what our action or path we choose there will be a lesson.

Choosing Between Two Rights:

Life would be much easier to handle if all our decisions were between good and evil. It is really easy to differentiate the two. It’s always easy to know the difference between love and hate, or kindness and selfishness. What makes it difficult is when our choices are between tw rights.

Maybe your boss offers you a promotion at work but you have to move to a different state. Do you except the promotion or turn it down? Taking the promotion will give you more money but moving out of state will take you out of your comfort zone or away from family. Both are good choices . They are two rights.

Consequences Are Not Negative:

We never hear the word “consequences “ in positive terms. It’s usually used to describe some unintended event because of actions taken. The fact is that a consequence is nothing more than a result or effect resulting from a decision made or from an apparent condition. The consequences of stealing can be getting caught. The consequences of following a diet is losing weight. We should always think about the consequences before we make a choice.

However, there are other consequences that we don‘t expect when we act. With the dieting example. If you lose weight the result will be having to buy a new wardrobe because your clothes don’t fit anymore. Sometimes Anticipating consequences keep people frozen In inaction.

Postponing A Decision Is A Decision:

It’s easy to let the fear of the unknown causes us to delay in making a choice. But choosing to put off a decision has consequences also. Sometimes it makes the situation worse, especially if you do it out of fear.

The best approach I’ve found is to take in life is to understand every decision has a consequence – good or bad. This means that, no matter what you decide, there will be things you like and others you don’t. So, make sure you think through every decision and understand the consequences of the action your about to do. “If I do this, what can be the consequences?” Do you feel good about those consequences?

While no decision in life can guarantee everlasting success, joy, comfort, or happiness. You can understand the consequences of most of time if you stop and think things through first.

I find when I trust my instincts, I usually never let astray.

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