Choose To Stand On God’s Word

I’ve been driving myself crazy worrying about my Son. He’s been a financial mess for a month. He was owed a lot of money that the timing kept getting delayed. Finally I knew I had to choose to stand on God’s Word to release the Worry and anxiety I had over this situation. And today my son was payed the money that was owed to him. He can afford to eat, and pay his past due rent.

Have you ever experienced a moment when you really needed to hear from God? How about a time when you were so desperate for answers that you could literally SCREAM? “Why is this happening.” I’m sure we have all been there at some point in our lives. I have found that instead of stressing over a situation that God wants us to stand on His Word. Sometimes we tend to get so mixed up in the worldly things we forget there is a God who loves us.

Standing on God’s Word is a choice. It’s actually a wholehearted decision to trust Him at every turn… even when the doubt begins to creep in. I haven’t really thought of doubt as a sin until this situation with my son. But as soon as I let go of the anxiety and doubt over me. God really came through. Doubt is a faith killer. And Satan knows it. If Satan can keep you doubting and full of anxiety he is winning.That’s when you have to choose to stand on what God has said,

Waiting for answer or needing direction or just needing to hear a word from God concerning something in your life, listen for Jesus. The Bible tells us in John 10:26, “My sheep listen for my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” So as children of the King, you will need to be sensitive to His voice. And sometimes in order to hear His voice clearly, you will have to deliberately down out other voices.

This means drowning out the voices of other people in your life, friends, co-workers, and even family members and especially worldly wisdom. However, not only that, but at some point in order to clearly know what to do, you will need to lay down everyone’s opinion and words of advice to hone in on what Jesus is saying to you. Because you will have to weigh it all to the Word. (Knowing too many voices can cloud the right answer).

Many people don’t do this anymore, but I tell you fasting is a great way to hear from God. It seems like when you deny yourself something God’s voice comes rushing in. You will always want to check if what you hear rings true in the biby. Jesus told us to tell the spirits. If it’s not in the Word of God it probably wasn’t God who sent it,

Make the Word of God (Bible ) your lifeline. It’s your anchor of hope. You’re solid sustained. Your answer to any problem or decision you face. Your final authority. In every problem or situation you have in your life there is hope and a solution in the Bible. Choose it and stand on it. Because God will never fail you or abandon you. And you can stand on that.

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