How Strong Are You?

Great men and women don’t quit. They are overcomers. They ignore difficulties, resist tiredness, and fight opposition. They know negative events will come, so they prepare for them. Only the weak fail or quit when the going gets tough. That said, no one in the world can do it in their human form – that’s why we have God.

How great are you? How strong are you? If you are frustrated, defeated, thinking about giving up, or actually do give up at times, then you are weak. King Solomon encourages us to greater commitment and resolve by telling us that we can succeed.

No one likes adversity, which is affliction, difficulty, hardship, or danger. Which seems to be what everyone is dealing with today. And all people would choose to avoid it. It is easy for anyone to resent it. But it truly measures our strength and our faith toward God, adversity best proves godly integrity and perseverance.

Without adversity, how would we show faith or strength? We can talk about it but talk is cheap. We could believe we are strong, but that is even more deceitful. We could tell the Lord we would never deny Him, but until the trial is passed our words are in vain. The fact is it is adversity that exposes false professions of stony hearers, so take heed.

It’s a lie to think a believer’s life is without trouble (Job 5: 6-7). The advantage of a believer’s life is God’s promise to help with their difficulty. Psalm 34:19-20 reads “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him put of it all.” “For a just an falls seven times but rises again” (Proverbs 24:16).

It is also a lie to think that followers of Christ never faint all people have similar passions and faint sometimes. If we look at Psalms King David wrote about the times he was discouraged. And there were many. Even the Apostle Paul could be cast down, they never destroyed from their commitment and effectiveness. David and Paul taught us that we must rule our spirit and reject our feelings of defeat.

God brings adversity to provide our faith, as He did with Non. He will bring trouble to see how must we can rely on Him rather than ourselves. He will find our how we value Him compared to other than things in our lives. Do you worship Him only for a protective hedge, as satan said of Job (Job 1:9-11)? Will you still worship Him when too have lost everything?

We are headed through some rough times. Where will you find you strength?

God brings adversity to increase our strength, much like boot camp in the military. Faith is not built by prosperity, but rather by adversity, when we have God’s help. Because His purpose is our perfection, you should appreciate difficult times when they come. Wise men will rejoice in them very much (Romans 5:3-5; James 1:2-4).

Out difficulties do not exceed those of others. They may be different, but God tries everyone with equal adversity. There should be great comfort just in realizing this important fact. Everyone is tested and tried. But will God nothing is impossible as long as we allow God to be our strength.

God gives grace – inward strength by His Spirit to endure trouble (2 Corinthians 12:7-10). When we allow God to be our strength we can rejoice in knowing our difficulties will glorify God.

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