The Window Of Opportunity

“Since you ignored all my advice would not accept my rebuke. I will turn and laugh at your disaster. I will mark you when calamity takes over you“ -Proverbs 1:25-26.

Windows of opportunity are finite, and before long they are gone. It may be a pending deal at work that requires you to negotiate, do not allow greed to abort a closing. You may have a brief time to woo someone back into a healthy home. But it requires humility and forgiveness from you as a servant leader. Or maybe the season for you to sit at the feet of a season servant of the Lord.

This availability will soon pass, and you will be the one in whom others look for answers. God opens windows of opportunity for you to pray for we move forward in faith. The Lord is clear glass of possibilities allows you to view vistas of his faithfulness and grace that become companions of your great next adventure in following Jesus. Windows of faith or passages into God’s purpose for you.

“ there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens“ (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

However, those who ridicule a relationship with Christ will look ridiculous to him and his followers. Clamity crushes those without rice and causes them to look foolish as the ball away without faith and hope. There is a time after death at the window knowing God is shot. The last judgment is the Lord’s opportunity to ask, What did you do for my son Jesus?”

At this point it is too late for your faithless with life, that person has the misfortune of spending eternity in hell without God. Our nation has the window of opportunity right now. If we do not turn away from our evil that window will close forever. And judgment will come.

This is why Christians labor in this life to lead people to the Lord. Their window of faith will soon be shut,

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