When Satan Wants You To Re-Live Your Past

One of the most common ways Satan attacks us is by making us we have our past. He doesn’t by digging up memories and temps them to be in trapped by the memories like a caged animal.

His tactics are to bring up an event or memory in which you are reminded of some particular event or sin, even after you’ve repented for them.

Every now and again the nerve damage on the side of my face flares up. Reminding me of the abuse of my childhood. It triggers memories and events I tried to forget and move on from. Even after I’ve forgiven my mother, Satan tries to torment me by bringing up old events from the past.

Sometimes Satan himself to relive the past events as if we are on trial. He recruits us to be his co-prosecutor against our own soul. He paints God in such a picture as if He as a ruthless judge who is not yet quite finished with us and our past. If you’ve done something wrong or even think we have he will plague us with some thoughts of:

  • There’s no hope for grace
  • We’re Guilty for presuming upon God’s forgiveness.
  • If anyone find out they will shame you.
  • God‘s discipline hanging over your head to strike at you when you least expect it; discipline doesn’t work like loving fatherly disappointment it looks like condemnation (Hebrews 12:7-11).
  • That you have committed an unforgivable sin. You really haven’t forgiven the other person. It may not be the unforgivable sin but he will paint it in such a way that it seems like no person could ever recover a relationship with God after such an act.
  • Your forgiveness or repentance of your path makes you unusable for God.
  • You should never feel at ease until you paid your penalty.

I reliving the past, Satan wants to keep you forgiving and forgetting and forgetting what lies in your past (Philippians 3:13-14). He wants to keep you from remembering what your current identity in Christ is (Romans 6). he wants to keep you from living in faith (Galatians 2:20). He wants to keep you from rising up from the depths of despair to go out in the peace of knowing your faith has save you (Luke 7:50).

What Re-Living The Past Does

He wants you to feel trapped by the past. He wants you to dwell on every event everything that you have ever done. Dwelling on this causes us to skip out on seeing our savior. Who knows that the longer we dwell upon the glory of Christ we will have peace and become more like Christ (2 Corinthians 3:18). and therefore, more able to tear down his Satan that thwarts his tactics. You must remember that this is a war. There is no neutral ground. There is never any “no man’s land.” As long as you are honest earth Satan and his forces will seek you.

He will pull up a specific memory from your past and then tell you defeat him he will continue to hound you with those thoughts. “Am I innocent? Did I really do that? If this went public, what would people think? Is God going to get me back for this? Have I really dealt with this as I should? But be sure, once you have power off that one memory, he will bring up another.

When your past keeps bringing up events or sins. Satan will make you feel as you are the incarnation of sin. He will make you fee, as if no one has a more evil, darkened and hardened heart like you. Make you feel like your an abnormal sinner. You are a hopeless sinner with no chance to get God’s grace.

Even if you feel that everything was fixed. Satan will try to play on your triggers no matter how small they seem. If you have repented for everything in the past. Satan has no claim on you.

When Satan Tries To Bring Up The Past, Remind Him Jesus Has Dropped The Charges.

Satan Likes to pinpoint our bad memories. He will try tell you your memories aren’t accurate. He will try to take things out of context and blow them out of proportion. “You forgot about this part of it.” “You forgot how much it hurt the other person, or offended God. Satan will always use the “what if?” against you.

When you realize this is not God doing this to you. You must called it what it is. This is a satanic attack!

When we look back on such events and realize the we have not dealt with a certain situation well. Satan will pester us. And open one crack in our armor that he will keep throwing his forces out. He’s like a box or a coupon for that one week spot on his apartment and beat it into submission by hammering on that one spot. It will darken your view so that you lose sight of the forgiveness God has given you. He will make your sin much bigger than your Savior. He will try to grip your thought lie with such force that it feels you can never escape. It will feel more real than every moment and which you were living. Anything that reminds you of anything remotely similar to that memory will feel like spiritual PTSD. He will fire 1000 areas in that area under her conscience. If he can take you away from your salvation he will certainly try to take away your experience of it.

In the Bible Jesus says he will leave the 99 and go look for the 1 that has been led astray. You are that 1 (Matthew 18:12).

Maybe this is why God tells us to examine ourselves. The Lord hates sin more than anyone. All of this needs to be dealt with on this earth. Isaiah 43:18-19 Says remember not the former things nor consider the things of old. Behold I am doing a new thing. Does God fix your past then you can experience grace? Does He who is gentle and lowly in heart seem like the type of Savior who could hound tender souls who are overloaded by the crushing yoke of the past. If He Get this why would anyone want to go on from living a life where they do everything to forget their past to go to Savior who would hound them for the rest of their lives on earth with their past. God wants you to live in freedom love and forgiveness.

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