4 Life Changing Lessons

What’s Inside You Is More Valuable Than Anything

Learn from other people’s experiences. Learn from objects, people, nature around you. A smart person grasps every lesson and avoids every mistake made by their counterparts.

The Above Advice Is A Shortcut To Become Successful

Let’s look at an ordinary tool used by small children. some children draw stick figures but by adult hood they are sketching art.


If you observe closely and think about it with all your brain power, you will be about to change this world for the better.

A Pencil Can Change Your World

1. The magic lies within you.

What’s truly important lies within you.

A pencil is beautiful, and colorful from the outside but the purpose for it is it’s lead. Without lead, a pencil is a waste.

Similarly is our lives, a person constitutes both inside and outside. Outside appearances represents – personality, charisma, looks, and possessions.

Inside appearances include – character, being genuine, values, ethics, and principles.

People commonly fall for outside appearances, which are often false and deceptive. It’s temporary. No one look as good as their social media profile, or as bad as their driving license or ID photo.

Stop Being Materialistic

Sadly we are accepted for the things we have, rather than for who we are.

Remember, looks, money, and personality won’t last forever. Values, character, and well- being are what truly shine in front of other throughout your life.

School aged children are typically teased or bullied at school for how they look, but later in life the things change, it what’s inside that counts.

Our focus on the outside, should not be at the cost of our inner world. Find a genuine balance

2. Showcase your inner self.

Unless what’s within you comes out, you cannot make an impact.

A example of this is when Thomas Edison came back from school and handed a letter to him mother. It was from his school principal. His mother opened the letter and cried while reading it. Thomas asked his mother “Mother what does the letter say.”

His mother replied, Thomas, your principal has written that you are a great genius student and that this school is too small to educate you. They have given me the authority to nurture you.

Years after, Thomas Edison became the greatest inventor of the century and after his mothers death, he revisited the house and found the letter.

It stated “Your child is dumb, stupid, and mentally ill. He is no longer eligible to sit in our classes and study. He is expelled from our school. Please don’t send him back.

Lesson learned

His mother doesn’t have a massive personality, a super good charisma, no valuables. But, she was a genuine person, with great character, and amazing values.

Look at the impact she had made on her son, Thomas Edison. She nurtured her child with everything she had and changed her son’s destiny.

Showcase what you have inside ti make a difference for your and your loved ones

3. Tough times are bliss.

Unless you go through sharpening, what is within you will never come out.

No Pain, No Gain.

Will a pencil write better with a pointed tip or a rough one? To make it pointed you have to sharpen it frequently,

The same applies to our lives – We will all fail at something, but we need to learn from mistakes (ours and others) to succeed.

We cannot become successful overnight, success is a simple formula to abide by. Execute – Fail – Learn – Execute.

We have to be formless like water. Shape ourselves to every situation. Make ourselves flexible. Always be ready to sharpen our skills that we lack.

Learning is a constant journey, which has no destination. That journey is called life.

If your going through tough times, embrace it, and keep going. Why stop yourself? Keep learning and climbing and you will have a successful life.

4. Normalize making mistakes.

When you write, you will certainly end up making mistakes.

We all love pencils. Why? We do random sketching with a pencil not a pen why?

Because it has got an eraser behind it, you usually erase the mistakes and draw again. Same with life, when you try something new, it could be setting up a new habit, achieving day-to-day goals, eating healthy.

But eventually we fail, it’s totally okay.

I have failed many times in my life, It’s been an achievement for me. At least I am trying.

Here’s the deal:

Don’t repeat your mistakes. Make infinite mistakes in life. Don’t repeat the same period as pencils have erasers behind them to hide their mistakes, we get new opportunity to see all of our old ones.

Add those opportunities and showcase yourself as the best person out there

The take away:

Pencil can do wonders for you. I can help you improve mentally and spiritually and nourish you and your personal development.

What you are as a person, it’s a reflection of how good you are internally. Have a good character, amazing values, be genuine, and have ethics. Don’t fall from the looks and personality. It will fade away with time. Find a genuine balance.

Live a life that’s worth remembering. Speak out positive words, perform optimistic actions, and thing about everyone’s well- being. Love everyone. Be understanding and calm.

Embrace and love failure. Keep learning in life. The day you stop learning it’s a day you freefall. Even if you were cute great success in life, well you will always be your best friend. Learn from your mistakes, correct them, and execute your plan.

Life is harsh. Don’t take it too seriously, have fun, and work hard. Keep trying different things. And most of all Enjoy The Journey.

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