How To Inspire Yourself

Here are for words to never say: “I am feeling uninspired.” These words may sound innocuous. Something you could use sigh and move on from, but these are toxic words. Why? The words “I’m feeling uninspired” are noxious dead end words because they steal your own power from you, they allow you to lie to yourself. Superficial inspiration comes from the outside, but long-term, life-changing inspiration comes from you. Inspiration is not aDang inspired is in fact the greatest work of your passive activity. Dang inspired is, in fact the greatest work of your life.

You Are In Control Of Your Inspiration

You are in control of your level of inspiration. It’s up to you to identify what inspired you, and to fan the flames of that inspiration. It is your responsibility to go beyond boredom,monotony , and routines. Nobody can do that for you. There are people in the world who have everything, all the external stimulation available. They have money, fast cars, fancy clothes, mansions, and high-profile careers… and they’re are so empty inside that they feel compelled to do drugs, some even commit suicide. How could that be? External stimulation has its limits. Without generating inspiration within yourself, you can feel a buzz or a high but you never feel for filled and purposeful.

Reconnect To Your Purpose

When you feel uninspired, it is time to work. The work consist of taking part in and serving the cause greater than yourself. In a material world, there is always more to want. But in the spiritual world, there is always more to give. Point blank: feeling uninspired means that you have disconnected from the purpose in your life. The only way to recognize the sparks of external inspiration is to force yourself to look at them. How open are your eyes and other senses to the magic and potential of the world around you?

Try inspiring yourself by looking at something new, even a single sentence. Look at people places and events of your day through the lens of what you learned.

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