Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

3 Declarations That Will Change Your Attitude And Behavior.

As the old expression goes, “practice makes perfect.” Changing our longtime attitudes and behaviors can be quite a challenge, but with repetition and consistency it is possible to make a true change. And by changing our attitude and behavior, we change ourselves.

By saying these 3 declarations every morning and being confident that slowly, but surely things will change.

1. “I have the strength to take on any challenge!

As humans, we naturally do not like being uncomfortable. Many of us will avoid discomfort at any cost. But by avoiding uncomfortable situation, we are doing a great disservice for ourselves. When we forfeit our comfort and break free from our comfort zones, we are getting ready to tackle any challenge in front of us. It is by taking on challenges that we grow as people in unparalleled ways.

It is often the most inspirational and successful role-models who have gone through the most trying and challenging of situations. Why is this? It’s because those individuals who are ready to take on any challenge, and have confidence that they will find strength needed are the ones who become what seem like super-human. But there is a secret: we all have super human strength that is part of us. Hidden inside of every individual is a super-man or super-woman waiting to be released. It takes only our will and unwavering adamancy to come out from beneath the surface.

Say to yourself every morning: “I have the strength to take on any challenge!” Say it throughout the day when uncomfortable situations that you really want to avoid arise. You are guaranteed to become truly different and a stronger person.

2. “I have the power to tackle any negative temptation!”

Sometimes the very word temptation itself sounds scary, so let’s put it into perspective. Temptation can be our old habits, flaming desires, quick thrills and speedy passions that distract us from moving in a productive direction. Whether it is pressing the snooze button on the alarm clock, or fighting an urge to be dishonest, even the most seemingly minute temptations seem to take over our minds and hearts.

The mystics teach that a moment of temptation is a moment of insanity. It’s a moment in with logic and reason have abandoned us, and the only thing controlling our actions seems to be the temptation itself. That best thing I have found to release the power of temptation is to distract myself with a positive action.

The mystics also teach us that every negative temptation that lies before us comes with the power to overcome it. Just as a temptation is real our power to overcome it is real, and this is where we have all the power in our hands to choose.

Say to yourself every morning and anytime at temptation tries to cripple you: “ I have the power to tackle any negative temptation!” Do not give up if you fail – keep trying and you will surely defeat your negative conditions.

3. “I am going to take a deep breath and Reign in my emotions.”

Maybe your child comes home sick and you have to rearrange your morning meetings and your stress level is going up. One of your children reach across the table and spilled a full container of milk. Everywhere. Your stress level has skyrocketed; and your anger rises and tears comes to you eyes. Pause – are you actually crying over spilt milk?

Little annoyances that build up during our day are often out of our control. What is in our control how we react to them. When we are already frustrated it is easy to see how a person would actually cry over spilled milk. But do you want to be that person?

Emotions are part of us and like to creep up at the most inconvenient times. But we have the power to rein them in. We can listen to them – but they should always be taken with a grain of salt, as the expression goes. Next time you find yourself about to explode or even cry over spilt milk, say this to yourself: “I’m going to take a deep breath and rein in my emotions.” Tap into your self-awareness where are you at right now? No pull yourself into a higher state of awareness, a place where you can look at your current situation and emotions from the outside. If this were someone else, what advice would you give to them? How do you think someone else would react? How would you like to see yourself react? Now do it. Take a deep breath and always remember what is important in your life.

It is difficult especially in today’s world. Use these 3 declarations every day, and as many times as you need. To change your attitude and your behavior.

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