God told the prophet Zephaniah that some are “complacent in their sins.” They are comfortable with their lifestyle and behavior. Even if they have heard His warnings, they don’t want to change. They are indifferent to the Lord. I suppose most people are this way in society today.

These pod whatever they want with no concern of the consequences. Many think God will do nothing to them to punish them.

The image is of people who are set in their ways and preoccupied with their personal desires and interests. They are intoxicated with their pleasures. They are secure and easy. In that they don’t fear God.

These aren’t just the characteristics of non-believers. Some Believers have similar attitudes. Some Even go to church and say they believe, but deep down they have their own ideas about God’s Word and have developed their own interpretations.

The Bible makes it clear that God wants to take His Word seriously and realize there are consequences to our actions. Obeying Him is key to blessing, fulfillment, and wisdom.

I have to admit I have become complacent lately. There are days I just want to hide away in my house and do nothing for God. It maybe because of how the world is today and I’m getting tired of trying or maybe I’m just getting lazy. But God has a way of reminding me, that it’s not over and there’s still work to be done.

This has nothing to do with “good works,” It has everything to do with obeying God and taking the Bible at face value. The way it’s written is truth. There is no other interpretation to be made by me or any other person on earth.

God’s word to Zephaniah:

I will search with lanterns in Jerusalem’s darkest corners to punish those who sit complacent in their sins. They think the Lord will do nothing to them, either good or bad. – Zephaniah 1:12.

I believe God is searching America’s darkest corners also. We have a small window of time in which we must turn to God or judgement will come.

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