Filling In The Holes

The Bible is filled with scriptures that tell the believer basically they only have 2 options. When anxiety attacks us there is a Inebriation or celebration. Inebriation comes from numbing ourselves with substances, for long hours, retail therapy, or binge watching movies on streamlining services or on television,

Any of this who have attempted to do this and I’m sure there are many. Know that they are only quick fixes, but not long-lasting solutions. Happy hour at the bad doesn’t make us feel happy when we try to escape it only leads us to entrapment.

So what’s the solution? Celebration. Filling the atmosphere with songs of faith, in the midst of uncertainty and instability.

If we take a look at the account of Paul in 16:23-24, him and Silas model this perfectly. As they have been dragged to Philippi, they have been beaten, blooded and bruised before being imprisoned in the deepest darkest cell (Acts 16:24).

Their response was remarkable. They began to pray and sing robust hymns to praise God. They sang with such heart that the other prisoners heard them. Paul and Silas didn’t know how their actions would end, while they didn’t have the luxury of reading the rest of this chapter. They didn’t know if or from where their deliverance would come, they believed in their deliverer.

We also can believe, we do not have to face our challenges alone, we can direct our despair into prayers of praise. We are called to worship when we are feeling beaten up, not just when we’re feeling upbeat. Praise can break our chains I’d we don’t let our chains break our praise.

Our circumstances might not be able to move our feel, but we can still lift our hands. If we focus on the area we are free in – we will soon discover we can break to chains off just as Paul and Silas had done on those prison doors, opportunities open, and deliverance will come our way, God will use the very thing that caused you to be captive to ultimately serve His purpose in your life.

Satan might be able to keep your feet from moving forward in your situation, but he can’t keep your voice sing praise.

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