No Pity Parties

I had a therapist tells me years ago that I had to try and only have 1 pity party a week. I thought “It’s not like I plan to have these, they just happen.” After I left his office I remember thinking this is never going to work.

Well as it turned out once I started to notice when I would start pitying the more I became aware of it the more I learned to pull myself out of it.

We all go through hard times, disappointments, and even setbacks or delays. When faced with challenges it is easy to feel sorry for ourselves, our families, and circumstances or to complain about the way things appear. Yet, what we focus on during such times has the power to change not only our circumstances, but how long we remain in the valleys,

We’ve all been there. Our health, or a loved one’s is poor health. We may find ourselves laid off from our job. Maybe even our greatest dream suddenly appears distant or completely out of reach. No matter what the circumstances are, when times are tough it is easy to feel sorry for ourselves or complain endlessly about the way things are- or the way they should be. Yet, there is power in choosing not to dwell there.

While it’s normal to have a period of sadness in the face of loss, trial, and disappointment, there should never be a permanent place for it. After a while we have to rely on God’s strength. We need to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. After all, pity parties and endless complaining have no place in God’s Kingdom.

Still it is often easier said that done. We can become familiar with feeling sorry for ourselves or complaining. It can become comfortable and far easier that actually moving forward. Particularly when we consider that moving forward requires us to step out of our comfort zone and into a place of unknowns.

We have to realize that it’s a problem that needs to be corrected. The first true step is action. It involves making a choice – a choice to change.

How long it takes to reach the end of ourselves, our self-destruction, our pity parties and complaining varies. It is easy to blind ourselves to these things and in that we often fail to realize we need to change. Yet, the first action is deciding that not only does a change need to happen, but that we are ready to change.

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