Facing Adversity With Faith

When something disappointing happens, our first most natural reaction is denial. “Did this really just happen. It can’t be it must be a mistake.“

In order to overcome this and every adversity we face the first step we have to take is to face it. We have to accept what has happened, the longer we try to distance ourselves from it the harder it is to overcome it.

We have to accept what has happened and for most people that takes faith or trust in a higher plan. The idea is to take a deep breath, and stay in the present moment. It may seem strange but under your breath tell yourself:

“ I accept what is just happened. I am right here, right now and no where else. I am not alone. I trust in a higher power and I trust there isa good reason this is happening.” The hardest part is the we have an instinct to control the outcome. Don’t try to overcome the outcome. Let it play out. Do worry about the future or obsess with the past.

Staying in the present is the first step. We are put in situations for good reasons. Facing those situations means staying in the now, in the present tense. Don’t torture yourself with the “What if’s?” or the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve.” The more you resist facing adversity the more suffering you will experience. The goal is to accept adversity with serenity, faith, and dignity.

Allow the misfortune to enter your life and be able to tell yourself “Okay, this happened. I’m not dead, I’m not defeated. This is a loss. This is a setback. That’s all. I will overcome this with faith, with forgiveness, with learning and appreciation, with giving and by taking focused action.

We cannot make any decision when we are faced with adversity and when we are upset, and our emotions are controlling us. If you have to walk away do so, but then come back to what just happened and then take action with faith and a clear focused mind.

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