Who Is The Beast In Revelation 13, And Have We Met Him Yet?

According to Revelation 13:1 the beast has seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns are ten crowns, which has the name of blasphemy. It represents the world wide political system.

It has authority, power, and a throne, which points to its being a political entity. -Revelation 13:2.

It rules over “every tribe and people and tongue and nation,” so it is greater than a single national government. – Revelation 13:7.

It combines features of the four beasts described in the prophecy in Daniel 7:2-8, including the appearance of a leopard, the feet of a bear, a lion’s mouth, and ten horns. The beasts in Daniel’s prophecy are identified as specific kings, or political kingdoms, that rule in succession over empires (Daniel 7:17,23). The wild beast of Revelation 13 represents a composite of a political organization.

It ascends “out of the sea,” that is, from the turbulent masses of mankind that are the source of human governments. -Revelation 13:1; Isaiah 17:12,13.

The Bible says that the number, or name of the beast 666 is “a man’s number.” – Revelation 13:17,18. That expression indicates that the beast in Revelation 13 is a human entity, not a spirit or a demon entity.

Even though nations may agree on few things, they unite in their determination to maintain their authority rather that submit to the rule of God’s Kingdom. -Psalm 2:2. They will also join forces to battle God’s armies commanded by Christ Jesus at Armageddon, but this war will result in the nations being destroyed- Revelation 16:14,16; 19:19-20.

Ten horns and seven heads”

Certain numbers are used symbolically in the Bible. For example seven and ten represent completeness. The key to understanding the specific meaning of the “ten horns and seven heads” of the beast in Revelation is an “image of the wild beast” which is later identified in Revelation- a bright red beast that had seven heads and ten horns – Revelation 13:1, 14, 15; 17:3. The Bible says that the seven heads of this red beast mean “seven kings,” or governments – Revelation 17:9,10.

Likewise, the seven heads of the beast represent seven governments, which are the primary powers that have dominated throughout history and have taken the lead in oppressing God’s people which are now Egypt, Southwestern Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Greece, Rome, and England. If we conclude that the ten horns represent all sovereign states, small and large, then the crown, on each horn shows that each nation rules concurrently with the primary political power of the time. So, we know the beast will come from somewhere in the Middle East.

Revelation 13 tells us that we must be willing to suffer, to give our all for Christ to persevere until the end on order to obtain the final reward. Revelation 20:4 says, that people who do not take the mark of the beast will die by beheading as a testimony of Jesus.

Over 2000 Bible Prophecies have come true and it is said that there are 500 more that will come to pass. I have not researched this so I don’t know this 100%.

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