Utterly Exhausted

No one I know began this year on a full tank. Given the viciousness of the last two years most of us dragged ourselves across the finish line of 2022, many were frazzled, spent and running on adrenaline fumes.

In the new year we were still carrying the trauma, grief, shock, heaviness, and disbelief of the last two years. Whether we have processed the last years we have been put under more pressure, more stress, trying to catch up in all departments… every single one whether it be work, school, sports, relationships and life in general.

Though we may be aware, most of us are busier than we have been in years and we don’t stop to undo this emotions entanglement and trying to permanently wipe away the scarring wounds of the past two years. Whether emotional or physical. Our nervous systems have gotten used to being on high alert. While we are still trying to find a balance we are utterly exhausted our bodies and our souls are trying to get used to this new normal. No one is exempt including children and teens.

Despite it all we are still going, there will be days we will stumble and find ourselves struggling. We must be able to understand and be compassionate with others.

We all need a little tender loving care these days. Instead of trying to run to the finish line this year, tread gently and go slowly.

Amid the chaos, find small pockets of silence. Allow healing to come to your anxious soul. And most of all be kind. There’s no human being on earth who couldn’t use a little bit more kindness and compassion.

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