Trust And Obey

The sound of certain words as we hear them from some authoritative voice in our life can reverberate in our minds and hearts. Trust. Obey. How do these words hit your ears? Well I think it depends. Our lives, our circumstances our story – these are some of the pieces that shape our ideas and what we learn about trust and ob, more from a cultural perspective, but not always in the way God intended. One of the first lessons and trust and obedience came from Adam and Eve in the garden. We know from this experience and some our own that disobedience has consequences. How many times did you have to be told not to do something before you realize after you did it that it was wrong and no was some form of that ensued.

If you’ve had children, it didn’t just take one horrible stomach ache just send him away from eating a whole bag of candy. Our world doesn’t practice obedience the way God intended, so how much more difficult is it for us? Look at the popular potato chip brand Pringles with that catchy slogan. “When you pop you can’t stop – meaning you can’t just eat one. You can think of others I’m sure. Self indulgence sells us an identity that keeps us in slave to the things, people, places and ideas that are outside of God’s plan and purpose for our lives. I am by no means saying that your favorite snack chips are simple. The former marketer just had to point out our calculated consumer cultural.

Jesus helps us understand biblical trust and obedience. As he was tempted in the desert over and over again by the devil (Matthew 4:1-11). Jesus felt every bit of hunger, discomfort, and lack but He did not give in. He replied every time with the word of God. He obeyed God. Jesus’s is obedience is how we know His love for us and for God.

Jesus’s love is written in obedience. He has given us command that turn that love toward God and toward one another (John 15:12). Before I hit rock bottom I would drag myself out of bed get my to-do-list done, come home and climb right into bed. I was tired, tired of fighting, tired of living, I just wanted it all to go away. Before my husband came home I will get up refreshed my make up on my hair and be ready to greet him at the door with a smile. When I had my nervous break down and ran away from everything I picked up my Bible and began reading in John. Abide in me and I will abide in you.

Jesus urged us to remain in Him (John 15:4). As he is telling his disciples who he is, he was also urging them to be completely reliant on Him so that they would be able to do things He had intended for them to do. We remain close to Jesus when we spend time with the Lord in His word and when we pray. We remain close to Jesus as we fellowship and worship with others, as we pray and seek to knowHim more.

Then we practiced giving it all away for the sake of others. That is where crushing and obeying God took on a whole new meaning for me. While it meant extending it to a difficult husband, we didn’t meant to say I was sorry for what I did, when you met holding my tongue when I knew my words would take hurt someone.

There’s someone who needs a blessing, A widow who needs to know if she’s not alone. A child who know he is loved, There is someone who needs to know they are forgiven even though it still hurts.

In 1 Kings 17, God told Elijah to leave Cherith during a terrible famine, to go to a town and find a widow (just one). God told Elijah to ask this woman for something to eat. He obeyed God he found the woman he was looking for. He did not know this woman was near death and was looking for sticks to build a fire and cook the last of what she had for her son. In obedience, he said yes but also let him know that they would surely die. Elijah, gave her God‘s word that she would in fact have food to fill their bellies each and every day. Both Elijah and the widow were given something they desperately needed regardless of their lack, because of their trash and obedience.

Let God surprise you. I begin each day by asking God to send someone that I can bless each day and make their day better.

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