Gratitude Challenge

This challenge can help you add more thanks to your life.

5 Different Exercises

Feel free to do the challenges in anyway that suits you, whether it’s back to back days or spread over the weeks or months. Then if some of them resonate with you more than others, focus on those and save the rest for another time.

The key is discovering the practice that increases the gratefulness in your life. Enlisting a gratitude buddy – someone else who will do the exercises at the same time as you so you’ll be able to share your experiences can help, too. But it’s not necessarily needed.


1. Take a photo Every day of something you are thankful for.

What good things in your life would you see if you just took time to look? This particular challenge has an on perk: whenever you need a reminder of what really matters to you, you have your photos to look back on.

2. In your transactions with cashiers, or others take the time to look in the eye and really think them.

3. Put up gratitude stop signs in your life.

Many of us spend our lives chasing after happiness – searching for people, jobs, possessions or philosophies that will lead us to contentment. After we get there I’ll get enough of those things lined up, will have the time in the world to be grateful. Right?

You can put up the kinds of signs suggested but you could also stop to take photos of the thing that provoke gratitude. Or you might pick a point on your daily commute to stop and take notice something you appreciate. Maybe you could set your phone to badgering the day, and let that be your prompt to look at your surroundings and your life for what’s good.

4. Write down some positive things about I loved one – and give it to them.

I lost my father suddenly. I know he knew I love him. But I never really told him some of the positive things about him. I wish I would of told him all the many blessings that he gave me.

5. Be honest about the thanks you’d like to hear from the people in your life.

Try this out with the people you’re closest to: Who are essential family or friends. After a while you’re telling them what you want to hear, be sure to ask them what they wanted to say to them.

Gratitude refers to the ability to show thanks for the things you have and the things you are grateful for. It helps us get closer to God by recognizing all the blessings in our life and make it easier to focus on the positive.

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