The Dark Side

How can you heal after being wounded emotionally or psychologically? No matter what type of trauma you have endured your soul has extraordinary resilience and powerful resources to help you rebuild yourself. You were born a beautiful child with a pure soul and inherent dignity. No one – not even someone who was hurt or violated you – can take that away from you. Your majestic soul is always remains intact. And provides you with the spiritual strength and light that comes from pain and darkness is even deeper that regular light.

Many have suffered horrific pain, some feel completely unloved and unwanted. And many don’t know anything but struggle. I’m here to say, that no matter what we’ve experienced. The pain and struggle we’ve endured. There is one who loves us beyond anything you can even imagine. We are individually made on purpose.

In Psalm 139, David’s praying to God and he says. “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Yes, speaks of the care and attention which God has made us. By now, God has made billions of human beings, but we are not mass produced. We are not churned out in a mechanistic way. Each one of us individually handcrafted, and there is something fearful about how we’ve been made.

When a mother first gets to hold her child as being born, there is a sense of awe. The baby is not intimidating,and certainly not better that them in anything yet. But there is a sense of awe and fearfulness because they are suddenly aware of how precious and awesome this bundle of joy is in their arms.

There’s something fearful about us, and that actually doesn’t change when we grow up and we’re no longer a baby as we once were. There is something so intricate and meaningful about how God has made us that we really should be in awe of the fact. David goes on to say, “I praise you or I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

It’s actually worth saying something of God’s unique creative capabilities in how each of us has been made. We should not take one another’s existence for granted. The human body is not the human body. Is an extraordinary work of art by the God of all creation. It’s a unique work of art. However, we might be tempted to see ourselves, God actually sees us in a very different kind of way.

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