The Dark Trinity

A Cultural Revolution

What’s happening in our world today? A cultural revolution seems like it’s be like a runaway train for years. The uprise in non-godly marriages, sacrificing children and the push for transgenderism.

We have become a nation without God. Like Israel 2000 years ago we have become a pagan nation. In doing so, we have opened up a 2000 year old warning warning involving a house of spirits that foretells what will happen if America turns to pagan gods.

In Jonathan Cahn book, he explains these spirits have changed our culture. The “Dark Trinity” involves 3 dark spirits are being revealed in America and they are initiating social upheavals and cultural revolutions that are in dwelling our politics, and transforming our world and our lives.

We can no longer pretend that the world is covered under Gods protection. This dark trinity is taking over.

The parable in Luke 11, Jesus talks about “ When evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through original places. She can rest and does not find it. Then it says, I will return to the house I left. When it arrives if I find the whole house, swept clean, and put an order. Then it goes and takes seven other spirits, more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. In the final condition, and the man is worse than the first.

The parable tells about a man possessed by the devil with Jesus like a naked, like to be messy and a dirty house (America today) But when the evil spirit is cast out (accepting Christ). His life becomes clean and well swept and orderly. But if a the man refuses God, after some time the evil spirit returns and repossesses the man and brings seven more spirits worse than him. This is how it will be with this wicked world today.

The clean enough and orderliness of the house has nothing to do with the sad facts of the relapse. But rather the house, our house, empty oh, God and the evil spirit returns and bring back seven fold evil with him.

Jonathan Cahn talk about the Dark Trinity that has taken over the world:

1. The Possessor

2. The Enchanter

3 The Destroyer

Could these be the three who have been appearing in our world today? The ancient gods and the hidden inscriptions found in the Mesopotamia?

Could these three entities lie behind what our screens and computer monitors, what our children are being taught in their classrooms, current news event, new, and the movement of our times? This could explain what’s behind all the strange transformations happening to our culture today. This mystery goes back to the tablets of ancient Sumer.

When we think of gods of the ancient and pagan worlds, we think in terms of mythology and fantasy. But the Bible reveals that behind the ancient gods and idols, were entities known in Hebrew as the shedim or spirits, and in the New Testament as the Daimonia. It’s where we get the words demons.

Jonathan Cahn, Is an American Messianic Jewish Rabbi who has written many books on what’s happening in our modern societies in the spiritual realm. This post was written based on his book, “The Return Of The Gods.

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