Two wolves

Whether this is your first time hearing this story, it serves as an important reminder of the power we have over our experiences and emotions. It’s easy to feel like a victim in challenging situations and circumstances in our life. We want to understand our negative thoughts, feelings and experiences, so we place blame on other people, objects, or events.

We look outward to try to make sense of what’s going on inside of us. We do this all the time. Why? It’s our way of coping, and feeling more in control of uncontrollable situations. The problem with this approach. However, is it takes away our personal responsibility and freedom of choice. In our attempt to feel more in control (by faulting others for our experience) we actually strip ourselves of our own power.

That power is lost the moment we become dependent on other people or things to make us feel a certain way. Whether that feeling is positive or negative.

By exercising your freedom of choice, you can make a life changing decision of which wolf you will feed. Do you feed the wolf that is hungry for anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, ,

The evil wolf tells you that you are a failure, the one who says no one will ever love you or understand you for who you are. This wolf is a representation of your depression, your anxiety, and your low self-esteem. Do you want to feed this wolf? Are you feeding him already? By cutting off his food supply. You will be making a choice to use your energy, and resources on thoughts, feelings, and emotions that serve you In heathy ways

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