This too shall pass

If you are struggling to know this too shall pass. Your suffering or feeling dis-connection or did-ease is meant to teach you.

To awaken you. To help you. To evolve you. To show you how strong you are. To show you what you are capable of. To show you miracles do exist. To show that you are more than your thoughts. To show you how powerful you are. To show you that you are not in control of the unfolding but how you respond to it.

Look for the signs, for they are all around, nudging you to listen to your gut, to listen to your heart, to do what may be irrational. To do what is needed, To be you. To take care of you.

If you are feeling alone. Know that it is just not true. You are guided. You are Loved. You are Protected. You are cared for beyond your wildest imagination.

More people than you could ever imagine feel the same way you do. If you could open up and share what is going on, you would be amazed at how many people you care about share the same feeling.

If you are lost, stop. Stop searching and seriously, just be. Surrender it all. Give it all up to whatever higher power you believe in. Stop pushing, striving, proving, doing. Let it go. Let it be.

I promise you will be okay. Because you are okay. And there is nothing more important than being you. Becoming you. Speaking you. Feeling you. Choosing you. You are more than okay. You are what your searching for.

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