Get Over Yourself

It’s easy to work yourself into an insane frenzy of paranoia and depression about the current state of affairs. You have a lot of debt, jobs are hard to find, you’re not getting paid enough, you feel lied to by every authority figure to ever come into your life from the age of five. Guess what so does everyone else. Friends, cousins even put together looking strangers you pass on the street is facing the same realities. Few people manage to find an amazing job after graduation and live in great houses that are well decorated and go out to nice restaurants for dinner every night. But those are few and far between. And I know they won’t stop rubbing in our faces on Facebook. It’s unfortunate. But just ignore those people, because stressing about how inferior you are isn’t going to suddenly make their lives any less awesome. For 99 percent of the rest of us we’re all struggling to figure this out, and you’re slogging it out doing data entry or working waiting tables for 5 kids that don’t even leave a tip. Don’t let yourself think that your the only one having trouble making ends meet, living pay check. Realizing your dream of being a ballerina, astronaut, mermaid, and you feel the rest society is laughing a you. We all have trouble in this world even the ones who have amazing jobs.

Understand that people like.y aren’t talking about you, their probably not even thinking about you.

We have this strange tendency to believe that those around us think about us/ what we’re doing/ who your sleeping with or what you are for dinner. It’s so narcissistic even if coated in a thin layer of insecurity and self-deprecation. If we let ourselves, we’ll construct entire alternate realities in which our friends are talking behind our back, that girl we work with has it out for us, and the guy at the coffee shop hates us. Honestly, we probably don’t cross their minds and when we do it’s likely in passing. We are so quick to blame malicious things that are often done out on inattention or thoughtlessness, and though it’s nice to be occasionally, forgotten about, it’s certainly preferable to being acutely detested by the universe at large. At the end of the day, no one thinks about us more than we do, and it’s better to accept that reality that we’re all too consumed with ourselves to think that much about anyone else.

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