You Are More Powerful Than You Think You Are.

If you want to be tougher mentally, it is simple. Be tougher don’t meditate on it. These words of a friend helped me to just do it, don’t think about it. Being tougher was more than anything be tougher starting with your next decision.

A superhero who can fly, become invisible or turn dirt in to pancakes. In tools of Titans.

Why would choose to that?

We could ask ourselves the same question because that is you and me. Okay, I admit we don’t have those particular superpowers. but we do have enormous power to change your mood day and life. We don’t always use it because we forget about it and fall into old routines of passiveness.

They Say Passive Minds Can’t Break Free

I was passive for years, I would let everyone to what I could do, so I would make any mistakes or cause an accident. It only made for depressed and anxious.

Stop thinking about what you’ve done wrong. Stop thinking about how you can’t exercise or improve your skills because you too undisciplined. Stop thinking they you should be in a better position than you currently are. Stop believing that you’re stuck- there a wide-open lane to your you just have to decide to take it.

Psalm 139- 14 says: King David said I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it well.

The superpower we have is a choice. Even as you read that, you’re probably understanding it.

You know that thing you’ve been struggling with? You know that huge frustration in your life that you can’t seem to get over? You know that thing in your life? You know that thing you’re supposed to be doing haven’t been doing?

You can choose to conquer it, and try doing so, you will.

Like the quote at the first of this article, if you want to be mentally tougher, decide to be mentally tougher. If you want to be able to exercise, decide to do it today. If you don’t want to procrastinate decide to work. You are mentally and physically capable of doing these things, but you will struggle mightily if you let yourself go with the flow of your thoughts, circumstances and feelings.

I was the President of a Veterans Organization until the drama of the members became to mush to handle and I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. When resigned. I became a Chaplin for another organization. If you would have asks me 4 years ago I would have said ”No Way, I can’t do that.

I have came a long way from where I was then. You just have to decide your not going to do this anymore. You are more powerful than you think you are. And you are beautifully and Wonderfully made.

Those who think passively believe they are weaker than they actually are. With a small shift in perspective they can really that control of their minds.

People always say why you are so strong. And I tell them I wasn’t always this way. It took me to hit rock bottom, before I decided to choose not to be weak anymore. I knew God loved me and wanted what’s best for me. I choosing to be strong, because I knew even if it didn’t work out, God was for me and not against me.

The Bible is encouraging to me

because I can Stand on the scriptures as God’s promises are true and do not change.

Choose to Change today.

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