Create A Clean Heart In Us

Hands up if you’re guilty! You’ve flossed your teeth for the first time in months, right before your annual dental appointment. Or you’ve been to the hair salon, right before a family photo shoot or public engagement. Something is us desperately doesn’t want others to know just how dirty and unkept we actually let things get in our lives.

Today I want to talk about Psalm 51 that shows us that this isn’t just a matter of personal maintenance and hygiene. We humans do this another way: on a much bigger scale.

An innate urge asserts we must somehow “clean up out own act’ before we can come to Jesus. That access is denied and we must sort ourselves out before we are accepted. We feel it when we meet Him for the first time. Our bulky baggage of sin burdens us down. So we try to “clean up our act” so we can then come to Him.

But as that contemplative, Shepherd -turned psalmist David declared in Psalm 51, we need not attempt to spit-shine our own hearts, but rather we must pray and ask God to “Create in me a clean heart O God.’

We must prepare our hearts to receive the cleansing that we desperately need from God alone.

Yes, we do the pleading. But He does the cleaning.,

When wading in the swamp of our sin, we must surface clean the tarnish so very hard before He will ever want to use us again. But just one action is needed. We must come to the master cleaner, the only spirit- sanitizer there is. And we must call out to Him; imploring our Savior to create in us a clean heart and renew our spirits so we may serve Him fully.

Only then will the dust filled areas of darkness that often shatter our souls be swept away completely so a renewed spirit can truly shine. What a spiritually effective way to be “taken to the cleaners.”

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