We all have experienced God’s kindness and faithfulness. His mercy and love in our lives. Yet, but when we are sitting in our own disappointment or fear, we are prone to filter out our heavenly Father’s character through our feelings.

When the circumstances around us are messy and broken, our inner critic may adopt the narrative that God isn’t working in our situation. When were faced with heartache or loss, we tend to tell ourselves “God doesn’t care, He doesn’t even see me.” When quite the opposite is true.

When Jesus cried out on the cross: “My God, my God, why have to forsaken me?” We hear the torment and sense of abandonment in His cry. To the outside observer, it looks as if Jesus is, for the very first time separated from God and alone. But His cry indicates communion.

All of us know times of darkness, though for some of us it’s darker than others. Abandonment, loneliness, fear, grief, rejection, and pain. And in response, at times it feels like we’re only getting divine silence. Just like Jesus experienced.

And we have the choice as to what we fill that silence with: A sense of rejection and retreating from Him, or a longing to know Him more, trusting and remembering that our Lord lives us no matter what, and that He’s always waiting for us with open arms.

Perhaps with these 13 days until Resurrection Sunday all you can manage to say is “My God, my God.” But the same Holy Spirit who secured the unbreakable bond between Father and Son is present in your own garden of Gethsemane moments. Even at the moment of agony and abandonment, we can still call on God.

If you are going through a period of darkness and it feels as if God has abandoned you, don’t let it drive you to despair. God is with us even through the deepest despair and most savage betrayals.

We can find comfort in the promises of Scripture: if God is letting you go through the valley, you can absolutely be certain that even this separation cannot block God’s grand outcome for us.

Matthew 45-53

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