An Invitation To Freedom

When we think of ourselves as believers in Christ, yeah often struggling with habitual sin and temptation, we can fall into feeling ourselves to be total failures. Apostle Paul emphatically reminds us that Jesus denied to release us from bondage to the very chains we are choosing.

I’m not so different from those early Christians struggle to understand your newfound liberty. Just as a concept of freedom felt unnatural to the New Testament believers, it can sometimes feel foreign to us in the 21st-century as well.

For years, we can allow bondage to fear, except us to stress to overwrite our identity, muting the melody God orchestrated for our lives. The inability to understand our freedom doesn’t make it less true, But it did strife the song God put put on our hearts to sing. We are at free birds nut caged birds.

If you’re anything like me, we have to huge freedom daily. It’s so easy to default to human understanding is genocide freedom for falsehood returning proverbial slaves to the cares, creeds and checklists the world world have us follow.

But we’re here for a purpose, and Jesus paid for our freedom to run in that purpose. He paid with His own precious life. The power of the Spirit flows from the cross, frees us from the chains of sin and death, and unlocks our prison door. The power of the Spirit is unleashed with astonishing force through the apparent folly of the cross.

Which falsehoods have to mistakenly become enslaved to, falsehood that keep your influence for God silenced? Ate there times when you, too, need a reminder to confidently embrace your freedom with graceful abandon? This world need the ministry of our songs, and anthems of purpose, written before time, uniquely for us. So, release those shake first notes, and be the you God created for such a time as this. When you do you freedom rises and releases light into a world that’s the darkest it’s even been.

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