Enough Is Enough

And it will come to pass, when you become restless, that you will break the chain (yoke) your neck (Genesis 27:40).

Are you fed up with the enemy raising havoc in your life? Perhaps you are facing a situation that makes you want to shout enough is enough! That’s good, because when you’ve finally had enough of the constant battling in your life, you will throw off Satan’s chains.

I’ve learned that if things aren’t too bad, people have a tendency to tolerate or endure their troubles, thinking surely God understands what they are going through and He will eventually correct the problem. However, when they become desperate enough, then they will do whatever is necessary to free themselves from the situation.

God declared through the Prophet Isaiah, “shake yourself from the dust, arise… Loose yourself from the bonds of your neck” (Isaiah 52:2). Not only has He told us to free ourselves, He’s also given us the means to do it through His word.

The Word of God is not a defensive weapon; it is referred to as “the sword of the Spirit.” It is an attack weapon! The word is always available for us to use against our adversaries, but we have to be comfortable enough to pick it up and apply it.

We have to reach the point where we grow restless over what is happening to us (or our Nation). When we become uncomfortable enough we will rise up and use our authority in Jesus to throw off the enemies chains he has around us.

So declare today “enough is enough,” and rise up in the name of Jesus and begin to walk in the freedom that He has already given you.

Most people think someone else will fight for us in our situations and nations. But the fact is we have to fight for ourselves. No-one will do it for us.

Choose To Walk in freedom today.

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