Certainty And Doubt -The Power Of Both

Certainly and Doubt they both hold great power when it comes to certain things. Some people never ask themselves, “which one is a better motivator?” They both have their benefits but which is truly better? Let’s take time to pull the argument apart and see for ourselves which one.

I strongly believe that certainly has more power than doubt, but our brains are hardwired for doubt. Our faith in anything has to be a certainty. In Isaiah 41:10 it says if you doubt in your heart nothing will go right with you, but if you have certainty in God your plans will prosper.

Sometimes doubt can be a good thing when it comes to things outside our personal beliefs. If we have too much certainty and we try to do something and fail it comes with really feeling bad about ourselves. For example: if I’m out of shape and think I can enter a 5 miles marathon and come out in the top 3 places, my certainty is going to fail me. As little doubt is good for our moral compass to, it keeps us grounded.

If you’re wondering which is a better motivator it’s neither. They have to be put together or its worthless, excluding the grounds of faith. Don’t be too certain have a little doubt so if you fail your task won’t be too surprising.

The honest truth is you can’t have one or the other. It has to be all or none. They both have equal power and should be used together not separately. If they are not their potential is pointless. Doubt makes us fearful, but if we combine doubt and certainty great things are sure to happen.

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