Rolling Away The Stone

You know what it feels like. You feel like you’re in the dark. You sort of know how things should be, and where you ought to be in life, but something keeps holding you back.

Even when you see a speck of light in your darkness, it seems like there’s always a hindrance, a blockade that hinders you from stepping out and going forward.

It’s like we need the Spirit of God to come and roll away a stone that seems to be sealing off our life and the future. We need to see all the light instead of just a glimmer of it every now and again.

God’s Word says “Ask and you will receive.” But too many people have gotten in the habit of not asking, and thinking they can do it on their own. Sometimes the stone is too hard to be rolled away by ourselves. And we need God’s problem solving abilities.

People who don’t have Jesus in their life are upset by every bump in the road and every crack in the sidewalk. My mother used to say “Don’t step on that crack you’ll break my back.” Sometimes people feel the weight of there back breaking from every crack in their life. That person without Jesus freaks out as soon as they find something wrong with another person, or their job, or even in their church. So, they cop out, jump ship, bail out, and call it quits.

If you’re walking in a carnal mindset, when trouble comes around they enter into a danger zone. Doubt and unbelief will cause them to be part of the problem instead part of the solution. Fear can cause us to become self-sabotaging. We talk and act in a ways that are self-defeating and can get caught in a emotional tailspin that we have caused ourselves.

I have spent most of my life in self sabotaging, self defeating mode that had me always in a emotional tailspin. Most the time I would create my own problems.

But then I realized that I had to start living my life with a little faith that everything would work itself out. Stressing and worrying about everything was only causing me pain and suffering and above all I was physically and mentally at my wits end. I decided I couldn’t live that way anymore. I was not only destroying myself but the others around me. So, instead a began trying to find solutions instead of causing problems.

When we are being challenged by obstacles and opposition, the first thing to remember is what Romans 8:28 says “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord…” Today I still have this scripture written on an index card, taped to the mirror in my bathroom. So, that I can see it every morning.

If there’s a problem or challenge in your life, you can be sure that there is something good in it so you. It’s a guarantee! It’s just a matter of looking for it.

Once you’ve decided to believe God that there’s some Good somewhere in your situation, you’re ready to divide and conquer your problems.

And that stone, that hard situation holding you back, isn’t a mountain it’s simply a stone – a piece of a mountain. And God can help you roll it away so you can begin to see the light more and more. That rock that stone – that piece of the mountain that you are experiencing is a obstruction. And odds are there is Gold in the rock, it that problem.

When we keep on hammering on the stone and God begins to roll it out of our way. We begin to see the light shining bright. When we walk in faith that there is light behind the rock. God begins showing us more and more.

When things appear to be natural, we become our own source of mental, emotional and spiritual poverty. The darkness and hopelessness can invade and fill up the treasured room in our hearts. It’s in those moments when we surrender to our doubts and fears that open up ourselves to be robbed by the enemy and he begins to push the stone in front of us in an effort to close us off to remain in the darkness.

God gives us the power to choose. That means You and Only You can decide what to let in, welcome, or receive into your heart.

God tells us to “Stay alert! Pay attention! Whatever you allow to come into your heart will flow out of it, affecting you life!’

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