Stop Making Excuses

Making excuses is a natural human response – we are social animals, and we are what others think about us and we want to fit in. Rather than face uncomfortable conversations and feelings, we make excuses and avoid responsibility. There are usually one of three reasons why we make excuses: fear, uncertainty or lack of purpose.

The fact is to be successful we need to stop making excuses and become accountable. We should always strives to live according to our values. Accountability has always been a challenge for every who wants to change their lives for the better.

Too often people try to justify their failure or shortcomings through some kind of excuse, such as laziness, lack of motivation, fear of failure or sometimes too much pressure from friends or family.

Being able to take accountability for our behaviors is essential if we want to achieve success in life, improve ourselves, become happier, healthier, so even wealthier,

I struggle with this as much as the next person. I have been trying to lose weight for 3 months now. I am going to a weight loss clinic so I can be held accountable for not losing the weight. I still find myself making excuses for why I eat what I eat or don’t eat. I’m writing this for me just as anyone else.

Accountability is something we should practice every single day. When we don’t take responsibility for my actions, habits and behaviors, we tend to get into a vicious cycle where good things turn bad and we fail to reach our goals.

Too often we engage in self-defeating behavior such as criticizing or complaining about other people. Maybe your like this you tell yourself “I know I need to stop indulging in fatting food and that my behavior is destructive because they affect my self-esteem and how I behave towards others.”

I ask myself “what will happen if I don’t take responsibility for my actions? I know how much damage I am causing myself. Yet I still refuse to change.

In our busy lives, we often forget to carry out even simple tasks. This leads us to blame other people or circumstances without realizing that we are the ones carrying them out,

It’s time to stop making excuses. There’s nothing worse than someone who makes excuses instead of taking accountability. I tend to use my husband as an excuse for not eating right. I tell myself “I have to cook for him so I’ll just eat what I’m making for him.” But I can just as easily eat a salad or a healthier choice,

What happens next time we mess up or fail at whatever task we have set out for ourselves to accomplish?

If we really want to change our lives for good, we need to take ownership over our decisions and there outcomes.

My goal is to stop making excuses and start being responsible for my weight loss.

I know that my using excuses are the way I’m avoiding my responsibility. And all the negative thoughts and bad habits hold me back from achieving my goals.

We tend to make excuses and then beat ourselves up for the results we get. Here are a few steps I am working on to change this:

  • Accept the truth about myself. Stop lying to myself.
  • Get rid of negative thoughts that hold me back. Stop saying to myself things that are nice when I feel guilty or ashamed.
  • Develop an interest in what I do as part of my responsibility. Such as getting interested in exercising, instead of telling myself I don’t want to do it all day.
  • Stop comparing myself to others. WoW this is a big one. I compare myself with all the skinny younger people and then tell myself a lie that I can still look like this.
  • Start taking responsibility for everything I do. Instead of blaming everyone around me for my problem. Find out why I’m acting the way I do. And then learn how to correct it.
  • Learn to say no. This is a big one. I cannot say no, if someone asks me if I want a piece of cake. I cannot say no. Or I’ll say no and get tempted to have one because everyone else is eating cake. I need to say no and stick to it. Even if it means leaving the room while others eat cake.
  • Set realistic goals. I tend to set impossible goals for myself. I say I’m going to lose 10 pounds this week. Which is impossible but then I feel guilty because I didn’t meet that impossible goal.
  • Follow through with promises. If you tell people your going to do something do it. I struggle with drinking water (mostly because I don’t like the taste) I’d rather have coffee or a soda, its another temptation for me.

I hope this will help someone else. I wrote this emphasizing losing weight. But these steps can be used in every excuse we make.

We must stop making excuses and take charge of our life if we’re going to change.

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