Time Travel

I often think about what I’ve been through in my life. All the downs and ups.

But then I think that some of the freest, most pure hearted people have gone through and absorbed incredible abuse and gross injustices in their early years. All of us to some extent have had traumatic events the condition for a certain dread of reoccurrence. Those occasions we have been at the receiving end of cutting words along with terrible physical, mental or sexual experiences that often replay and fuel the flames of shame.

No matter what we have been through no matter how painful. God wants us to be free. (Isaiah 57:18-21). It took my a long time to realize that God is a awesome God. And that I wasn’t my mothers sin. I have the choice to either continue living in shame and regret, or look at every day as a miracle.

Satan is a master at forcing us to view the horror show of our most painful past moments. He fast accuses God of afflicting these horror shows on us, while he keeps piling on the blame game and crushing our sense of self-worth. Satan makes see God as uncaring and vicious, while making him look life the savior instead of God.

While in reality Jesus saw the whole thing (Psalm 34:18) grieving for us in that we weren’t able to see Him at the time.

As I grew up and learned that God is our only hope, I began to remember where God had protected me all through my childhood and my young adult years.

Satan will only try to hurt us, God will only love and care for us. But we have to be willing to let Him in. Other wise Satan will continue to sneak in through the cracks and destroy our souls.

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