Change Is The Key To Success

Accepting Change

We are all experienced daily discomfort and being faced with difficult challenges it caused worry, angst, and fear. Are we equipped to deal with these changes and calendars?

Here are a few steps to focus on that will hopefully lift your spirits.

Stepping Stones

Relieve discomfort is being annoying is something we don’t want to do. However, in truth, it’s actually a step to a greater place. Remember that feeling of discomfort and frustration are simply the opening of new horizons.

Spiritual Awakening

The feelings of dissatisfaction are the beginning of a spiritual awakening. So, the first step in building any type of courage is to do something we’re not comfortable doing. It doesn’t have to be dangerous and it doesn’t have to be repulsive, but it’s something that required and demand us to go outside of our comfort zone. The question is: can we turn the awakening into a higher state of awareness and consciousness?

New Opportunities

Discomfort means that something is happening, and we have a unique opportunity to change and to grow. However, when we choose to run away from discomfort, we are closing our mind to greater experiences and new opportunities because of fear.

Embrace It

The key is to try to find new ways to embrace changes around us, let us open ourselves up to the changes around us and let them transform us. Don’t shy away from discomfort, embrace it.

Try This Exercise

Note an event in your day that wasn’t in your normal comfort zone and how you work through the process to embrace it. How was it different than your typical reaction to discomfort?

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