Four Spiritual Laws

These four say represent the central message of the Bible.


The first is: God totally love you! His love is boundless and unconditional. There’s nothing God wants more than you to experience His love and discover the purpose of your life and relationship to Him.


We don’t always experience His love because we ignore Him. We will look for Mimi and fulfillment in life – just not with God.

We don’t trust Him. We disobey His rules.

Doing things our own way it was the Bible called sin. Sin damages our relationship and ruined our chances of living together and getting along with other people long-term.

Sin separates us from the kind of life that God intends for us to have.


Our sin does not stop God from loving us. He even came to earth in human form as Jesus Christ to die for us. Jesus take the punishment for our sins on himself, Jesus died – but He came back to life again. You have reconciled us to God.

Through faith you can experience God’s love and receive eternal life.


God has done everything possible to show us how much He loves us. He offered at upper field and eternal life through Jesus Christ. Every person is challenged to make a decision. We can ask God to forgive us for living our own way. And we can decide who live a life with God by trusting Jesus.

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