Why Do We Make Excuses

Over the course of our lives, we all have made excuses. But we can become strengthened to overcome the excuses by God.

Do you ever catch yourself making excuses when things don’t turn out as you expected?

Have you ever neglected taking responsibility for the circumstances in your life?

Have you ever tried to explain away why you don’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t or simple wouldn’t do something?

These are all subtle signs that indicate you are living a life of excuses, which can prevent you from living to your full potential. Excuses can prevent you from reaching your full potential.

I have to admit my favorite excuses are “I’m too tired or I have a headache.” I know I can’t just say “No,” it’s doesn’t seem to be in my DNA.

Fear Leafs to Excuses.

Do you fear the scrutiny of friends or family or co-workers? Fear of judgement seems to make people make excuses. “If I say No they will think I’m a awful person. Are you uncomfortable with opining up to others? Sometimes making a lame excuse to avoid attending a social event is done for self-preservation. When people invite me the social gatherings that I think I won’t fit in, I get uncomfortable. And then feel bad because I make an excuse when I want to leave.

There are many reasons why people make excuses. In fact every one has different reasons for making them. However, when it boils down to it, we only make excuses for the following main reasons:

  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Embarrassment
  • Fear of Success
  • Fear of Change
  • Fear of Uncertainty
  • Fear of Responsibility
  • Fear of Making Mistakes
  • Fear of Judgement

Sound Familiar? We sometimes think we don’t have enough confidence in ourselves, or not enough resources-and the list goes on and on. And then there’s this excuse:

I’ll get to it later

We put off doing a unpleasant task for another day when we might be feeling in a better mood. Procrastination is a terrible problem that many people engage in far to often. I find my putting of laundry until I have nothing to wear, and then spend a entire day doing nothing else. By putting things off no matter what it is. We force ourselves to rush. Honestly, we may never even getting around to accomplish some tasks if we are constantly pushing it off for a later time.

I don’t have time right now

In the end, we learn to regret all of the opportunities we passed on. By doing this we can miss opportunities, that we will never get a chance again. So instead of making excuses we need to take full advantage of it.

Someone else can/will do it

This is an extremely lazy excuse and one we make far too often. Don’t leave it up for someone else to do that you can simply do yourself. We have all heard the saying, if you want something done, then we have to do it yourself. No one can accomplish a personal task better than you can. We need to stop being lethargic and do what needs to be done.

It’s not my fault

Stop blaming others for your problems and bad decisions. As we age it becomes more and more important to realize we need to take responsibility for yourself. I know many adults that blame everything on someone else. When we have bad upbringings it’s hard to put the future in our own hands that no one else can be accountable for.

It’s too hard

In reality nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. Hard word breeds success and profit. Don’t underestimate your skills, you are much more capable than you think you are.

It’s not the right time

Time is our most precious and valuable resource. Everyone is given the same amount of time in any given day, but the manner in which we use it is entirely up to you. If you have the resources to do so, now is as good of a time as any to accomplish your goals.

I’m too scared

Fear tends to paralyze people and holds them back from reaching their full potential. You never know if you can succeed if you never try. Life is what you make of it. Life can throw you some awful big blows, and I’d you get out of your comfort zone, you are fully capable of overcoming them.

We excel at making excuses.

When I read my Bible, it’s very interesting to see that Jesus isn’t surprised by how much we excel at making excuses. He talked to His followers one day about this through a parable of a great banquet. Jesus told them, “A man once gave a great banquet and invited many people. And at the time of the banquet he sent his servants to those who had been invited, Come, for everything is ready now”. But they all began making excuses” (Luke 14:16-18).

Over the course of our lives, we have all made excuses. When we missed the deadline at work, forget to do our homework, get pulled over for speeding we might try to make an excuse. Sometimes we might even try and excuse our own sin. Life is not defined by what we have. I was trying to excuse ourselves from doing what we know is right, we miss out on letting Jesus fill us, empower, and pour through us.

We try to make excuses from time to time, but that does not change the fact that God does not want to hear our excuses; or that God can overrule our excuses; or that God can strengthen us so we can overcome our excuses.

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