Digging Wells In The Valley

Are you going to through a valley, a difficult time, a troubling situation, or adverse consequences? Jesus promised that we would all have to face unsettling times. Psalm 84 speaks on one of those valleys called the “Valley of Baca.”

The valley of a Baka means the valley of weeping or the value of tears. It’s a place of sorrow and difficulty. The reason it was called “the valley of tears” is that the people of God would journey to Jerusalem in order to worship. The journey was perilous, difficult, fearful, and sometimes sorrowful. The terrain, The desert and the presence of thieves made it a dangerous journey as well. In Psalm 84:6, gods people were told to “Make it a well.” The idea is to discover God blessings In the midst of the worst of conditions. So how did they make it a well, a place of blessing out of place of sorrow? They turned to God. They trusted God. They allowed God to turn their troubles into blessings, as only He can do.

That problem you are facing, that sorrow you are feeling may become a source of God’s blessings the key is to walk in obedience to God’s will and surrender your valleys to Him. These whatever’s on their way to Jerusalem obeying God and now the Psalmist is telling them to look for water, look for the springs, look for God’s blessings and provision. They were to dig a well . In Psalm 84:6 the first two words are encouraging: “Passing through.” You won’t stay in the valley of Baca foreverWhether it’s a difficult situation where a whole life, it won’t be like it is now forever. Remember, this is not your home. Heaven is your home.

How To Dig A Well

1. Dig a well by prayer (Psalm 84:8)

No matter what their circumstances they kept talking to God, realizing that through prayer they could experience power to help him get through the valley of Baca. When you are confronted with a difficult or sorrowful situation, stop what you were doing and cry out to God asking for His intervention and wisdom.

2. Dig a well by experiencing God‘s presence (Psalm 84:7-10)

Athletes believers obeyed God, they experience God’s precious present. The meaning of the second part of her seven is the experience God. It means our real contact with God. When you find yourself in a troubling moment pray, “God please let me be aware of Your presence right now. Let me know you are there.“ experiencing God‘s presence has a transforming affect.

3. Giga well by standing on God’s promises (Psalm 84:11-12)

There is a valley of Baca in the promises of God. you will either give into your feelings and circumstances or you will rest on the promises of God by faith. The promise is God will not withhold anything that is good or beneficial from you as you walk in the center of His will. God is the definition of good and our definition may be different at times, but God always does what is absolutely the most beneficial His Children. You must let God decide what is good.

4. Dig a well by praising God (Psalm 84:4)

In your difficult situation, begin praising God for Who His Is. You are circumstances, and bad if they are, have not changed who God is. Praise isn’t a feeling; it is a choice you make. Are you choose to worship God, he lifts you above the circumstances are you announce through your praise that the problem may be bigger than you, but it is not bigger than God. Further praise confesses that God is in control.

5. Dig a well by looking for God‘s provision (Psalm 84:6)

You have to do your part. You must dig the well, however, when there is nothing else you can do, when the resources have run out, when there is no way out and no way through, God meets the need. God often won’t do what only He can do until we do everything we can do. When we come the end of ourselves, then God can work. Someone once said, God is not all you need and until He is all you have.”

6. Dig a well by relying on God’s power (Psalm 84:3,9,12)

We serve an all-powerful God. In these verses we can see that God is the controller and a ruler of all. No one can defeat Him. Our strength comes from Him. Aziz believer walked through the difficulties obeying God they got stronger. Sometimes it takes a trial to strengthen our faith. The problem that could put you into a pit, when it is turned over to God, can become a platform that blesses you

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