Signs of Demonic Oppression

I you’ve read the scriptures than you know that demonic activity is real and there should be no debate about that. As a Christian, I don’t believe you can be possessed by a demon. However, that does not mean you cannot experience demonic oppression. Many true believers have experienced demonic oppression, and surprisingly some may have not even been aware that is what they are experiencing.

It is helpful to identify the signs of demonic oppression because those who are true followers of Jesus have a different way of dealing with this than who are not.

What Is Demonic Oppression?

Before I identify that signs to look for with demonic oppressions, it makes since to define exactly what it is. Demonic oppression (bondage). Is a spiritual attack from a demonic spirit that seeks to influence a person’s thought’s, emotions, and even their actions. Since a demon cannot possess a true follower of Jesus to control them, then oppression is the next best option. Because of the way we are created as humans, these attacks will often begin in our mind because this is the central hub that dictates what we think about, how we feel and ultimately what we do. The goal of demonic oppression is to keep a person trapped and bound (in bondage). The desire is to paralyze the believer so they become ineffective.

When I was under demonic oppressive, I had some awful things, I was a sexual addict, I did cocaine, I drank, basically anything that could numb out my reality I did. I had so clue that Satan was after me. All I knew I just didn’t want to feel anything and that made ineffective in anything I tried.

What Are The Signs Of Demonic Oppression?

To understand the signs of demonic oppression you must understand the way Satan operates because he is the leader, and demons follow his cues. One of the challenges in identifying this is many times that areas of the attack may not appear demonic at all. Sometimes they can even mimic other conditions that may cause you not to consider the possibility of a demonic attack. I finally went to a psychiatrist and he diagnosed me borderline personality disorder. I knew I had some issues, and needed help, but as a spoke to him, I realized that he was not describing me a person with BPD. I left and never went day.

After I had my daughter, I began having hallucinations, and hearing voices. I would also seen or feel black figure following me some. I thought I was crazy. I went to the dr again and was diagnosed with a mood disorder which was caused by me childhood traumas.

There are three signs of demonic oppression that are possible to overlook as attacks from the enemy.

1. Abnormal Fear

Be alert and sober minded. Demons prowl around looking for someone they can use their tricks and lies on. Satan loves to operate in the realm of fear and intimidation. These are two of his greatest weapons and can be indicators of oppression or being kept in bondage. Because we all experience moments of fear at some point in our lives. You can suspect demonic oppression is in play when the fear escalates beyond what is normal or useable. (Like the black shadow that followed me around. I knew this was not a normal thing. Remember the attacks are often in our thoughts, which work their way into our emotions and actions.

A person who is under attacks are often in our thoughts, which work their way into our emotions. A person may shut themselves off of interaction with other people because of fear of the outcome.which often never materializes. To the outsider this ma seem irrational, but to the person experiencing it this feel very real. I want to be clear: a person experiencing fear may not be facing demonic oppression. But if it escalates, it’s something to be considered.

2. inability to rest; having nightmares

One of the things we must recognize in this spiritual battle that we face is Satan is often willing to play the long game to keep you from having a life of abundance and turning to God. He extends length of a attack over a long period of time with the hopes of wearing you down. If you remember the account of Samson and Delilah, she was relentless in her pursuit of finding the source of Samsons strength, and he eventually wore down. Another way Satan attacks is to attack a persons rest. This can be an attempt to attack your dreams, or cause you great fear and worry that prohibits rest. I used to have a nightmare I was being pushed a giant worm, and as I reached the end of the worm, I would wake up severely sick. Satan wants us exhausted because we are more vulnerable. So he can ultimately take away our will.

I pretty much have Satan figured out, after 56 years. I know his ways and tactics to fool people.

3. Prolonged periods of unexplained depression.

As I said earlier, demonic oppression is often a attack that begins in your mind. I am no a clinical psychologist so I want to choose my words carefully, but there can be instances where depression of depression could be demonic oppression. And there are people who have a clinical diagnosis of depression and have been treated successfully under a doctor’s care. However, in spiritual warfare,depression sets in this can be a great paralyzer, This may not be the first place you go, but if it persists over a long periods of time, with no understanding of why it is happening, then it is something that you cannot rule out.

How Do You Overcome Demonic Oppression?

Regardless of the form it comes in, we must understand how to overcome this. I’m a firm believer that spiritual battles require spiritual weapons, and thankfully, God had given them to us. As you search through the scriptures you will begin ti see all God has provided so you can fight back against any type of demonic oppression (no matter which form it shows up in).

I would turn you to study the “armor of God,” the power of God, the work in the Holy Spirit in you. As you begin to see that God has equipped you and you don’t have to be overcome by demonic oppression and bondage any longer.

“But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won the victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives inside of you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world- 1 John 4:4

However to have to fight back, which means you must take God’s Word, study it, and apply it to your life. As you do this you will begin to become stronger and more confident in who you are in Christ, and this can give you what you need to fight back against demonic oppression or bondage.

Satan and his tactics are not something that should not be taken lightly. Your responsibility is to take what is given to you and use it so that you can be victorious in every spiritual battle. Even if a demonic spirit tried to attack you, God has equipped you so you can.

So many people believe Hollywood’s ploy to make you think Satan is man in e red suit with horns. Or, they think when they get to hell, it will be one great party. This is not the case.

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