Living In The Gray World

Some people live like in a gray world without God. They are trying to live life on average without getting too high or too low. They don’t live in the light, and they try to avoid the darkness.

The problem is the world is turning all gray. People are just enduring lie rather than living it. In life the reality is that we will experience sometime in the light, and sometimes in the dark.

But soon we will have to make a choice to live in either black or white. There’s going to be no such thing as the gray area. if you try to live life on the average, you’re trying to suspend yourself in an unnatural world created by you- not God or Satan. To me, living in the gray area is like a slow death on earth.

With God on our side, we have the strength to endure what life brings us peace in times of great loss and pain. If we live with Satan on our side, there is nothing but, hate, suffering and despair. If you look at the world, you can see the darkness getting darker. And it seems like Satan is getting stronger.

Soon we will be presented with many choices some of them, good, and some of them clearly bad. A few people today are willing to admit there is such a thing as intrinsically black or white or right and wrong.

We are expected to see everything through a lens of a public opinion, and it’s collective morality or a lack of such.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what to do. But soon we will have no choice. No more gray, only white and black.

Gray areas can be murky and confusing and even chaotic. In a world where people value certainty and quick answers. No wonder we are all frustrated. It can be a nuisance if you want to be presented with the opportunity to grow.

The problem is in today’s world the all-or-nothing attitude is easy to give into. Which can give us a measure of false confidence or calm. While it can make us feel like we have things figured out, even if the consequence ends up making us unhappier than ever.

Underneath the surface is a false simplicity and confidence of all-or-nothing lies. It’s just repressed.

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