Struggle And Hardship

What Can It Teach You

When we are faced with difficulties in life, our natural reaction is to get as far as we can away from it. Years of evolution has wired our brain to seek comfort of the familiar, easy things and avoid all the discomfort that comes along with new and challenging experiences.

When we experience fear, whether it is physical or psychological our limbic system (responsible for dealing with emotions) is triggered before the reasoning part of our brains are, which triggers a fight or flight response which makes is act before we start thinking.

While, subconscious reactions are necessary for our survival, they can also be impeding when there’s no actual danger or when a situation calls for an appropriate response rather than a spontaneous reaction.

Emotions can teach us many things about ourselves, but we should never allow them to take control over our situations. Don’t let hasty decisions such as anger take you over. And this may cause meaningful relationships to suffer.

While avoiding struggles is a natural response, struggling can teach us many valuable lessons. Struggle builds character, and us stronger which enables us to grow in all aspects of our lives.

No one wakes up in the morning planning to struggle, but when it happens, pay attention to the lesson the struggle is trying to teach you. It may lead to a valuable lesson.

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